Pixel Combat Zombies Strike v5.1.3 MOD (Unlimited Money) APK

Pixel Combat Zombies Strike v5.1.3 MOD (Unlimited Money) APK

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Developer :
GS Games Studio

4.3/5 - (23 votes)


Dynamic attacks and aggressive zombie monsters appear constantly in Pixel Combat. Certainly, players will be blown away by the top-notch gunplay in this city. The zombies are aggressive and show strange behavior when attacking the city hard. And now they will pay for what they did in this happy country. You will be the influential person in this game; Arise to uncover this abomination. Use any weapon to fight them all.

It's obvious that many gamers don't want to read a long paragraph with millions of words, even if the story is interesting. Pixel Combat: Zombies Strike has a very simple storyline to catch up on. When you first start the game, an instructor will walk you through each step, and each of them is totally understandable. The story begins with the world being invaded by a horde of zombies, and almost everyone has been bitten and turned into one of them. You are the next hero everyone is looking forward to. The mission is simple but also very challenging: you have to kill the zombies and survive, collect important parts to build the time machine and save humanity. It might not sound like hard work but trust me once you play this game you will find a lot more than that.

The people of the city live peacefully and create a great life for themselves. The collapse of the time machine, on the other hand, brought the evil zombies back to the city in an unexpected way. People were stunned by the damage and progress they witnessed. More specifically, the city desperately needs a leader who is both capable and brave enough to join the fight.

We must now mobilize all forces, all people in the city, to fight with you. The game will equip each person with a modern weapon capable of continuous bombardment so that people can withstand this powerful wave. Teamwork is one of the great rules that make history in Pixel Combat. The ability to use people's weapons, you must lead with enthusiasm to create the strength of the army.

Players must prepare a reload stance to fight against all zombies. More specifically, they must be able to aim and shoot at all ranges to create a passive position for them. Drive them to the same wall and perform powerful shootouts. The bloody shooting stages that will take place in Pixel Combat will overwhelm you with your talent. How many objects can you shoot? There will be a seek and mark game.


* Cubic first-person shooter in a confined space.
* A huge selection of pixel-style 3D locations.
* Survive and fight with many unusual bosses with special abilities.
* A huge arsenal of weapons (knives, axes, pistols, rifles, shotguns, machine guns, a flamethrower, a minigun and much more).
* Pocket Edition that you can play on the go.
* Lots of 3D effects that create atmosphere of royal battle.
* Craft weapons and ammo.
* Pixelated version of Black Ops zombie mode.
* Characters and design like in Minecraft.

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