Open World MMO Sandbox Online v0.7.2 MOD (Unlimited money) APK

Descriptions :

Open World MMO Sandbox Online is a sandbox dash simulator that will captivate and entertain fans of open worlds, freedom of action, movement, masses of vehicles, as well as independent choice of what and how to do on the map. The project supports up to 1000 people on a single server, which provides a great level of chaos throughout the area. At the same time, there are opportunities for those who prefer to act alone. Career, assignments and other aspects guarantee just a great pastime. So fans should definitely try the game in practice and form their own opinion.


You can play this game as you like. But if you don't know how to play or enjoy it, stick with story mode. First of all, there are some simple tasks that you need to do. It gets harder and harder later, but the reward must be worth it. Players can build a house, raise a family, and even become the president of a country.


Players in an MMO like this can go around and find resources for themselves. There are no challenges or monsters to fight in this game. You just have to fight for your life and you have to find work and make a living.

However, the huge map includes the sea, fields, forests, mountains and cities! Residents can get around using a variety of modes of transport, and there are even two islands with a variety of items to extract.


I understand that a free game like this has no laws or rules. You can race with your friends if you have enough money to buy a car, truck or sports car. Try to hold a race to see who is the fastest. Since this is a simulator game, the physics are based on real physics. If you drive too fast, you can break your neck at any time.

You can also use the truck to transport logs to towns and sell them if you want to become a lumberjack. I'm sure you will make a lot of money selling wood. Then you will get rich and you can travel around the world.

Features :

* Build your business from scratch! There are several methods to make money. Stone extraction, timber transport and goods transport Dump trucks and large trucks.
* Tale mode with a story set in a massively multiplayer online universe. Assist your hero in gaining power. Complete objectives, work your way through the story, and get new quests. Because this is a free world, the further you travel, the more options you have.
* Online sandbox with a fully open environment and multiple goals. The map is huge. The sea, the plains, the forests, the mountains and the cities! Two islands are currently accessible. On the one hand the metropolis, on the other hand the beautiful nature and the exploitation of natural resources.
* Choose a style that suits you. Extracting resources is a fun way to make money. You can get into the sports vehicle and drive off. You are free to start your car and conquer the world.
* Are you a calm and collected driver? Then you like to drive at high speeds! It's like a Geta to get in the vehicle and drive.
* Immerse yourself in the open online world and make new friends. Take a fantastic vehicle ride on the local roads to get a sense of independence and the free world.
* There is a wide range of cars available in Big City. From traditional limousines to state-of-the-art sports vehicles, there is something for everyone. Gazelles, trucks and giant transporters are also used to transport cargo.

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How to Download and Install Open World MMO Sandbox Online?

First, click the download button, the APK file will be downloaded automatically.
Locate the downloaded APK file in your phone's Downloads folder and open it to install.
Go to your mobile settings, click Security, then Unknown Resources.

Now open the app and enjoy.