Online Soccer Manager OSM 21/22 Soccer Game v4.0.43.2 FULL APK

Descriptions :

Football Online Manager OSM - A wonderful official application of one of the most famous online football managers. At the beginning of the game we will have to decide which of the teams we will patronize, win the cup, train and lead from the lower leagues to glory. Tactics are the most important, choose a tactical scheme yourself, place players according to the team, level of training and personal skills. Play with your friends in pairs - it's so much more fun.

Would you like to be the manager of your favorite soccer team? Football Online Manager (OSM) offers you such an opportunity! This free game has been completely redesigned to cater to all clubs and tournaments from around the world.

Choose a club, decide tactics, starting line-up, training, transfers and more

Features :

* Official licenses of many clubs and tournaments!
* Redesigned!
* New features: Business Club and special offers
* Playing with friends just got easier!
* The game is more exciting than ever!
* Play 442oons Super League now!

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