My Town Airport games for kids v7.00.14 MOD (Unlocked) APK

My Town Airport games for kids v7.00.14 MOD (Unlocked) APK

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Developer :
My Town Games Ltd

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Descriptions :

A game from the My Town series called My Town: Airport appears before the player's eyes and offers the experience of finding out what's going on at the airport. You will spend time exploring the elements in this game. In addition, there will always be the closeness and difference of this game to the games in the series. So this is a fun world to check out.


In experiencing My Town: Airport, players will find a totally mesmerizing world with different elements and locations to find. It creates a special curiosity in the players in the process of discovering what they can do. At the same time, when playing, no factor determines how to play in an obvious way, and in general all factors depend on the player's experience and creativity.

Similar to many other games in the series, players enter a 2D environment with characters with different characteristics. They play different roles in the airport of this game and give you a pleasant impression when you come to an element. In addition, you can influence every element in this game, much like it is an open world, and you are the owner of it to decide how it works. Therefore, each person's experience there will often be different.


As mentioned above, take your time to find out what's going on at My Town: Airport. It brings a whole world of fun with lots of things to do by satisfying your curiosity. At the same time, since there are no prominent gameplay elements, players can effortlessly decide every aspect of the gameplay themselves. In addition, you can manipulate elements within the environment with a simple tap or swipe.

The characters in this game have one thing in common: they don't move and always have a face that always tries to smile at the player. So you can control any of their activities or change the location where you want. Also, although this is an airport-themed game, you won't be controlling any elements related to airplanes, but will focus on finding out what these characters can do in this game.

With just simple swipes, players can perform everyday activities that people usually do when they arrive at a certain location. It can be said that creating a game without many restrictions on gameplay to allow players to unleash their creativity, especially younger age groups, will learn something. For example, they can withdraw money to buy a ticket or run their belongings through the scanner. Sometimes you can even know what your luggage is transported with.


It's a completely large world that contains many different locations for you to find. It can be said that the airport in this game is designed amazingly. Players can do whatever they want with characters in different locations. For example, there are places where you can exchange money, buy tickets and check in before boarding. So these locations are gradually discovered by the players and this is how you learn how the airport works.

Another interesting factor that we need to pay attention to is that these places all have a specific connection. In other words, they all have a specific layout, and each location has its own specifics with many elements to interact with. So it's hard to take your eyes off what these places have to offer. You can even get on the plane and find out what's inside with different pilots and passengers.

Features :

* Explore more than 9+ locations in Airport City
* Role play as a pilot, stewardess, airport security officer, passengers and more
* Control the plane and customize the plane
* Experience the airport madness and life at the airport
* Make sure you check all bags at the airport scanner
* Go skydiving and play airline games all day
* My Town Airport games for kids of all ages

My Town Airport games for kids mod features:

Unlimited Money.
Unlimited Gems.
Unlimited Diamonds.
Unlocked Characters.
High Lady.

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First, click the download button, the APK file will be downloaded automatically.
Locate the downloaded APK file in your phone's Downloads folder and open it to install.
Go to your mobile settings, click Security, then Unknown Resources.

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