Monster Legends v17.0.6 MOD (Always 3 stars WIN) APK

Monster Legends v17.0.6 MOD (Always 3 stars WIN) APK

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Descriptions :

Monster Legends - In this addictive game you can rebuild your own city populated only by monsters that only obey you. They will develop their skills to pump properties and participate in battles. To do this, you choose several monsters in the team, because there is usually a rule behind which you play three monsters against a strong boss. Just remember that your opponents are improving, so you can't fall behind them. You will like wonderful graphics and very simple controls.

Monster Legends is actually more developed but still based on the common platform. The first is the number of monsters, there are more than 500 different monsters and can spread with many rare elements to discover new species. Monsters also have more abilities and depend on each element. 3v3 battles instead of 1v1 in Dragon City improve your tactics so you can fight in your own way. In addition, many functions and modes are waiting for you to discover them.


Most games these days have flashy 3D graphics, but Monster Legends only has 2D graphics. Basic, but doesn't mean it's bad. 2D graphics don't affect the game too much in my opinion either. On the contrary, there is the old, untouched style for monsters, and they are varied, meticulous and very personal.
playing style

Players constantly switch monsters for each battle to discover the most powerful monsters. Fight and boost the animal's stats as you fight. Each monster type has its own elements and abilities, so players must time their enemies to take them down.

Features :

RPG: level up your monsters and use their cells in the lab to push their limits. Equip them with runes and relics to improve their abilities.
Fight Monsters: Strategize and create teams of monsters to attack and support them in your own way. Then lead them to battle through adventure maps and events to get many exciting rewards.
Team Wars: Join the epic Team War and earn rare and exclusive monsters.
Expand, collect and build a monster paradise: There are more than 500 monsters for you to collect and breed new creatures and elements. Build a house for monsters on many wonderful islands with Habitat, Farm and Breed Room.
As you level up you will discover more with Dungeon, Library, Monster Lab, Smithy and Temple...
In addition, there are many interesting events such as Halloween, Christmas … to increase variety and more interesting activities to appear.

Monster Legends MOD

There are many stages in Adventure Map that will give you difficulties. You need a strong team, but for that you have to play a long time.

MOD function

Always Win 3 Stars When you win a game, the game forces you to win with 3 stars. After that you can get rewards and spin the Lucky Spin.


Remember that the MOD version only works in Adventure Map mode.

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