MONOPOLY Classic Board Game v1.8.13 MOD (Everything Open) APK

MONOPOLY Classic Board Game v1.8.13 MOD (Everything Open) APK

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Marmalade Game Studio

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Monopoly MOD APK (Unlocked All) is a very popular board game for Android. If you mainly like the board game genre, this is a game you can't miss. It's not just a game just for fun, but a board game also has many business elements. You can learn how to invest, build houses, rent land, borrow money from banks, pay taxes and many other jobs to get rich.


When there were no PC games and smartphones, Monopoly was a popular game for both adults and children. It is very suitable for playing with friends or family on weekends. However, you don't always have enough players as current life is busier. Due to the popularity of this game, Marmalade Game Studio has developed a version for Android. So you can play with online players from all over the world right on your phone. Monopoly costs $4.99, you can download it completely for free using the links below our article.


The game is inspired by Hasbro's famous board game in which players find themselves as business owners. The game is played alternately, with each round you can roll the dice and determine your next moves. Feel free to advance the board as you check out all the companies that are currently available.

Buy properties as you move through the map and collect rent as you return to them. And expand your hotels and many other interesting businesses to become the landlord tycoon. Make millions and quickly become a monopoly.

Customize the rules
The rules of Monopoly have been popular for a very long time, around 100 years. So some rules can make players bored. Monopoly offers you a mode that allows you to edit some rules, e.g. B. adjust the number of turns you have to go to jail, skip some cells, etc.

Currently, Monopoly offers you two modes including playing with AI and playing with other online players. AI in the game is not easy to beat, they are real challenges for players. You must have a perfect business strategy to defeat them.

Monopoly simulates a beautiful 3D city instead of the pictures on paper like real board game sets. Effects and sound are very smooth, helping you have the best experience.


* Multiplayer video chat in game
If you want to chat while playing, create an account, add friends, start games from your group chats, and automatically switch to video when you start.
The video chat feature is optional and you can easily opt out.

* Complete, ad-free game
Play the full classic game with no pay-to-win or ad pop-ups

Optional season pass
Search for more boards including Atlantic City, Paris, La Belle Epoque, Snowdrop Valley and Cherry Blossom Tokyo with the optional MONOPOLY Season Pass!

* House rules
Play with your favorite house rules!

* Fast mode
Complete the board game faster than ever!

* Single player
Play against our challenging AI - no need for family and friends!

* Offline multiplayer
No Internet? No problem! Share a single device between up to 4 players, Wi-Fi free!

* Online multiplayer
The distance doesn't interrupt play when you connect with fans around the world or invite friends and family to a private match!

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