Monkey King Idle AFK RPG v1.12 MOD (Damage & Defense Multiplier, Free Purchase) APK

Descriptions :

Monkey King Idle is an engaging idle adventure game that brings to life the legendary oriental fantasy classic "Journey to the West" featuring the mischievous and powerful WuKong, also known as Son Goku. In this thrilling game, players can explore heavenly realms, defeat monsters, and collect items to transform WuKong into a formidable warrior. With its captivating gameplay and exciting features, Monkey King Idle has gained a wide following among players.

Experience Rapid Growth and Limitless Power

In Monkey King Idle, WuKong's power grows at an astonishing rate. Players can effortlessly blast through levels 100 and even 1000 with ease. The growth continues even when not actively playing, as WuKong levels up constantly through the game's idle mechanics. This unique feature enables players to unlock tremendous power with minimal active playtime, allowing them to progress at an unprecedented pace.

Simple and Automated Battles for Effortless Progression

Monkey King Idle utilizes a straightforward automatic battle system that is simple enough for beginners to grasp within minutes. The automated battles ensure continual progress, and players need only tap a few on-screen buttons to direct WuKong's attacks. This automation eliminates the need for constant attention and enables players to tap into limitless growth as they navigate through the game.

Unleash Devastating Attacks with Flashy Special Skills

Players can unlock flashy, screen-clearing special skills for WuKong, allowing him to unleash devastating attacks on his foes. By strategically combining these skills, players can unlock immense synergistic power, wiping out swarms of enemies with each blow. Discovering the most potent blend of skills is integral to maximizing WuKong's capabilities as he battles mythical beasts and powerful adversaries.

Thousands of Levels and Continuous Content Updates

Monkey King Idle offers thousands of levels across main stages and dungeons for players to conquer. Defeating these levels grants copious rewards, including experience, gold, and items to boost skills. The developers are dedicated to continually adding new content, ensuring fresh challenges and upgrades for players as WuKong grows mightier. With an abundance of content, Monkey King Idle offers virtually limitless progression and excitement.

Battle Legendary Bosses from "Journey to the West"

Prepare to face off against larger-than-life bosses drawn straight from the pages of "Journey to the West." These legendary figures include the formidable Bull Demon King, the mighty Dragon King, the fearsome King Yama, and even the revered Jade Emperor himself. Vanquishing these monumental foes grants tremendous boosts in power, making the battles an exhilarating experience that captures the essence of this epic fantasy.

Extensive Customization Options for WuKong

Monkey King Idle allows players to extensively customize WuKong through its transformation system. Unlock alternate forms for WuKong to modify his appearance and gain new bonuses. Players can also change WuKong's weaponry, nimbus cloud mount, and more according to their preferences. Various costumes offer different enhancements, enabling players to tailor their growth precisely and create a unique WuKong that suits their playstyle.

MOD APK: Damage & Defense Multiplier, Free Purchase - Unleash the Power of the Great Sage

With the MOD APK of Monkey King Idle, you unlock the power of a damage and defense multiplier, as well as free purchases. This means that your attacks will deal multiplied damage, making you an unstoppable force in battle. Additionally, your defense will be significantly increased, ensuring that you can withstand any onslaught from enemies. With the ability to make free purchases, you can enhance your gameplay experience and unlock exclusive items without any limitations. With these powerful enhancements, your journey alongside the Great Sage WuKong will reach new heights of excitement and power.


Monkey King Idle is an epic adventure that captures the essence of the Great Sage WuKong and the fantastical world of "Journey to the West." With its simple and addictive idle gameplay, vibrant skill effects, and gorgeous visuals that bring classic Chinese mythology to life, this game has won the hearts of many fans. The wealth of content, extensive customization options, and challenging gameplay ensure an unforgettable experience that is worthy of the Great Sage himself. Embark on this incredible adventure and discover the limitless power of the Great Sage in Monkey King Idle. Download the game now and unleash the power within!

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How to Download and Install Monkey King Idle AFK RPG?

First, click the download button, the APK file will be downloaded automatically.
Locate the downloaded APK file in your phone's Downloads folder and open it to install.
Go to your mobile settings, click Security, then Unknown Resources.

Now open the app and enjoy.