Mighty DOOM v1.12.0 MOD (Unlimited Health) APK

Mighty DOOM v1.12.0 MOD (Unlimited Health) APK

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Developer :
Bethesda Softworks LLC

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Descriptions :

Mighty DOOM is a unique and fun platform shooter action game. The main task of the player when participating in this gaming experience is to run and shoot with weapons to pass many different levels. You will fight with many enemies, everyone with different levels will have different challenges, and these challenges are difficult. In addition, players will be upgraded with effective skills, loot many new weapons and equipment, improve their skills and improve their legendary weapons. Start your battle journey by participating in this game. If you are looking for a fun game, this is one of the cheapest platforms.

Mighty DOOM, the light and simple version

In terms of players, Mighty DOOM is a sub-version of the very popular first-person shooter game called DOOM Eternal (on PC and console). The game has taken some of the original game and there are many differences that are specific to phones.

I play mobile games often, so I know most are for fun. Don't ask for those games that are deep, complex and with detailed graphics like the games on PC. Everything must be much easier when plugged into a smartphone.

There are also a few exceptions with some big investment games, but in return these games require players to have an expensive phone. The same goes for Mighty DOOM. Although the content, context and a variety of weapons are identical to the original, the gameplay and graphics are greatly simplified.

First I want to talk about the gameplay

Our robotic hero has the only task to move forward by opening the bloodline, shooting down a bunch of other robotic monsters or even another type of enemy that is difficult to name. With the guns at your hand, shoot all the enemies to get to the door and go to the next level.

In the first few scenes, don't expect a hero with powerful weapons and lots of skills. The protagonist can only fire bullets one at a time "slowly" and cannot accelerate. The weapon snaps every time and looks pretty weird.

And since this is a top-down shooter, you wouldn't expect to see the expression of the character you're playing. Just a rather thick suit, a round head and a gun, all viewed from above. That's all. This sounds pretty monotonous, but makes the game more realistic. Thanks to this kind of perspective, you can see how many enemies are approaching and choose how to move to avoid their bullet.

Your enemies have an advantage in numbers and weapons, which confuses you as you dodge bullets and fight them unaided. Your only friend is the gun in your hand. After each level up, you have another skill point to upgrade weapons and character strength. Three random upgrades will appear and you can only choose one. Some examples are increasing attack speed, healing when attacking enemies, ricocheting bullets, increasing HP...

Unlike other shooting games, Mighty DOOM offers simple gameplay that you can control with just one finger. Just touch to shoot, touch to move, and also touch to select weapons, change gear, upgrade. No matter where you are, what you do, you can play too, no need to prepare to feel too much like gaming on PC.

Mix weapons and strange elements in Mighty DOOM Mobile

When you have a lot of weapons and abilities in your hands, don't forget that you can combine them to create destructive and powerful combos. Especially when mixed with legendary weapons like plasma rifle and rocket launcher. If you choose the right combination in each fight, you can kill all enemies quickly and easily.

Choosing a combo is also a pretty cool feature to keep in the mobile version, in my opinion. It is also one of the factors that arouse excitement and curiosity among players, since the one-touch operation itself or the shooting scenes are not too diverse. When it came to playing, I was more self-conscious about dying than I was curious to continue.

Features :

* Become a legendary hero and defeat evil monsters with unique shooter gameplay. Suitable for all ages, flexible touch controls help players crush their enemies.
* Simple Gameplay: Shoot guns from above to destroy all enemies in the given time. Players need to move according to the environment and switch according to the map to complete the missions.
* There are many types of monsters with powerful attacks and large reserves of blood, which require players to have first-class combat skills, a fast rate of fire and significant damage to enemies.
* Equip weapons like rifles, shotguns, rocket guns to allow the character to fight enemies, and equip hats and armor to increase damage and upgrade them to improve maximum effectiveness.
* Many difficult, challenging levels require in-depth knowledge of game mechanics and the right strategy to master them. The levels will gradually increase and the number of enemies will also increase, so players must be prepared.

A few reasons to motivate you to download Mighty DOOM Mod

* There are hundreds of scenes and thousands of different enemies. Besides the classic "boss" system like Baron of Hell, Hell Priest, Cyberdemon, the mobile version has several bosses that weren't available on PC like Hell Priest, Mecha Zombie, and Revenant.
* The beginning of the game is not a strange place like in the original, but on earth.
* The items, weapons, and weapons were too heavenly to count. The more patient and persevering it is to play long, the more unique weapons you can open for yourself. And remember to mix and match them into other unique combinations.
* The game is determined to be carefully invested and regularly updated. Don't worry about error problems.

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