Merge Mansion v23.09.02 (full version)

Merge Mansion v23.09.02 (full version)

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Developer :
Metacore Games Oy

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Descriptions :

Merge Mansion is a charming and enthralling puzzle game that beckons players into a world of combining identical elements within a captivating game space. The protagonist, summoned by her grandmother, swiftly finds herself entangled in a whirlwind of events entailing past mysteries and present enigmas. Along this journey, she's tasked not only with unraveling her granny's past exploits and their repercussions but also with reviving the family mansion, which has fallen into a state of melancholy disrepair. From the interiors to the exteriors, the mansion yearns for restoration. Little wonder that enthusiasts of this genre find the game both delightful and engrossing, making the most of their time within its delightful realm.

A Mysterious Mansion, An Enigmatic History

Maddie insists I'm concealing secrets. I counter, what does Maddie truly know?! Our enigmatic tale unfurls within the confines of my family's estate, dormant for over two decades. Together, you and Maddie will embark on a quest to unearth the truth surrounding the mansion's history, the Boulton family's legacy, and the enigmatic events that transpired.

The Journey Unfolds

Settle in, brew a cup of coffee - perhaps savor a delectable slice of pie - and immerse yourself in the world of Merge Mansion. Am I harboring secrets? The decision rests with you...

Restore, Merge, Discover

After years of neglect, both the mansion and its gardens have succumbed to neglect. Maddie, unyielding in her determination, endeavors to rescue it from desolation and rekindle her family's heritage. This child never rests…

As you navigate this tranquil puzzle, you'll merge and match to refurbish the abode, rejuvenate the gardens, cultivate vibrant blossoms, unearth astonishing revelations, and unearth concealed mysteries nestled within the Boulton family estate.

Unveiling the Past, Embracing the Future

With each restoration Maddie undertakes, a chapter of her family's saga is unearthed. Yet, with every revelation comes a new enigma to unravel! Why did I keep the manor concealed? What fate befell the family's estate and fortune? Who is the figure shrouded in mystery? Can Maddie bring the estate up to par, or is she poised to forfeit it all? And as for me, are there yet more secrets concealed within my grasp? Certainly not. I harbor no secrets…

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How to Download and Install Merge Mansion?

First, click the download button, the APK file will be downloaded automatically.
Locate the downloaded APK file in your phone's Downloads folder and open it to install.
Go to your mobile settings, click Security, then Unknown Resources.

Now open the app and enjoy.