MARVEL Strike Force Squad RPG v7.7.4 MOD (Skill has no cooling time) APK

Descriptions :

MARVEL Strike Force - online battle arena created on the basis of the Marvel universe and the game was developed specifically for mobile devices, which played an important role in optimization, elaboration of controls, as well as spectacular battles. And so, first of all, under your command you have to collect well-known characters, and then go to the arena and take part in dynamic battles in a 3v3 format, with which you are waiting for a fairly original fight like Iron Man vs. Visually, the game remains in Preserved the style of the original comic.


In the years of publication, MARVEL Strike Force has never stopped innovating. In version 5.8.0, this time the publisher brings you three new characters with terrible powers: Sersi, Dormammu and Ikaris. There are also a number of extremely rare costumes such as Ultron - What If, Phoenix - Endsong or Hawkeye - Hawkguy. And in order to own these new characters and costumes, you must complete new missions such as the Sersi campaign, the Dormammu recruit mission, or pass the Doom War campaign,...


The play figures perfectly reproduce their original in blockbuster films, from the shape to the color to the fighting skills. By joining this game you will have the opportunity to control superheroes like Iron Man, Spider-Man, Captain America, Doctor Strange, Venom, Loki, etc. Give yourself your favorite characters and use one of them in your battles. Depending on your preference, you will buy one.


Use your fighting skills to defeat all enemies in each battle. Every character in MARVEL Strike Force has three basic combat skills. Combine them with the movement keys; You will create special moves. You can choose to fight alone or join a team in 5v5 matches to make your experience even more exciting. Although you can use as many superheroes as you like, my advice is to try and master 1 or 2 of your favorite characters.


Use money from missions or victories to buy new characters or level up characters. The upgrade will significantly change the look, and damage and defense stats will be increased. The more expensive or better the champion, the more terrible its damage. It is an excellent advantage for you to win difficult games later.

Features :

Assemble your ultimate superhero squads

Join the Marvel Strike Force as you play the game as your favorite superheroes. Collect the most powerful characters in the Marvel Universe and let them fight against the enemies for you. Assemble your ultimate squad and head into battle. Play as both superheroes and supervillains like Iron Man, Captain America, Dr. Strange, Venom, Deadpool, Loki, Thanos and more.

Upgrade your heroes to give them more powers

And to make your heroes more powerful in battles, it's important that you give them new upgrades and power boosts. In addition, your heroes will also get new XP when they are involved in battles. So make sure you spend enough time with each of your heroes. In addition, the game features some of the most incredible artifacts that you can use to improve your heroes and give them new powers.

Dress up your heroes with various customizations

In addition, it is also nice if your heroes wear different outfits when engaging in battles. Therefore, Marvel Strike Force also introduces incredible customizations for their heroes. Choose the best costumes and let your heroes engage in epic battles.

Take part in exciting strategic battles

You will also find the combat mechanics in Marvel Strike Force extremely intuitive and fun as you can choose different heroes for your squads to unlock different boosts. Team up your favorite heroes and villains and unlock the perfect combos to defeat the enemies. Use the tactical aspects and choose the best attacks for specific enemies to achieve ultimate victory.

Experience realistic battles with breathtaking actions

Those looking for epic action will also find the game extremely entertaining. Here you can pit your favorite superheroes against each other in breathtaking battles. Experience beautiful and satisfying skill moves. Unleash incredible combos on the enemies and watch your heroes execute them perfectly.

Collect lots of rewards and loot as you play

And alongside the main game, Android gamers can also find plenty of great rewards and prizes while enjoying the other aspects of Marvel Strike Force. Be an active player and collect your daily rewards every day. Log in to the game often and get incredible monthly prizes. Or complete the exciting challenges and incredible achievements to give your heroes incredible boosts.

MARVEL Strike Force Squad RPG MOD Features:

You always win the battle with three stars.

Last words

For the dedicated Marvel fans, this game is definitely a great opportunity to embark on another fantastic adventure of your favorite superheroes. And even for the non-Marvel players, it's still the perfect RPG and strategy game for you to enjoy. Not to mention that our mod version gives you complete control over your progress. So there are no reasons why you should not play the game.

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