Manor Matters v4.8.1 MOD (Free Shopping) APK

Manor Matters v4.8.1 MOD (Free Shopping) APK

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Descriptions :

Manor Matters (MOD, Unlimited Stars) - a detective quest with elements of finding objects in which you need to go to a mysterious mansion and try to find the answers that the abandoned building hides. In general, the game is designed in the best traditions of the genre, your task in ten places to find the given objects and insert them into the plot, it is worth noting that each element will affect the development of events. Excellent graphics, intricate plot twists, detailed locations and a detective atmosphere will appeal to fans of the genre and lovers of detective stories.


A new journey opens up for players in Manor Matters when they participate in an Ocean Adventure event. Like the game's basic gameplay, you'll start renovating the mansion, this time turning it into your aquarium. You will see many decorative objects and they are quite diverse that every gamer will love. In addition, if you want to buy these items, you will need an ingredient called Shells instead of using stars as before.


The story begins with the servant of the owner of Castlewood in Manor Matters. It was Carl, and he sat on a train and began to present his intention. In the past the Castlewood mansion was owned by Mr. Burke and he had a hobby of exploring. During one of his adventures, he disappeared, leaving his entire fortune for his assistant to bring to his rightful heir. The main character you play as the main character is this character.

Players will go to Castlewood's mansion and of course there are some rumors that it's haunted and looks quite old because it hasn't been cleaned in a long time. At the same time, the weather was not good that day, and when Carl was looking for the key to enter the mansion, a figure with bloodshot eyes appeared. It frightened Carl and the main character, but they couldn't ignore this and kept investigating to find out the truth about the haunted house.


Once you've gotten the key through a few levels of Manor Matters, you'll enter the mansion and get a bird's-eye view of its internal state. Everything was ancient and without light. From there you will start your journey to renovate the elements in this game and the first element you will find is a wooden chair. It's quite old, so it breaks immediately when Carl sits on it, and you bring Carl another chair.


An element that you need in Manor Matters to renovate the objects in the mansion is the yellow star. You can't fix what you see for free; it takes resources. At the same time, given the variety inside, players will spend a lot of time completing their renovations, and all renovation items must go through a puzzle level to earn a certain number of stars. Its gameplay is completely understandable.

You'll see renovation requests, and if you don't have enough stars, you'll be taken to the item search gameplay. You will appear in a certain place and you will see many different objects in it. At the same time, you are responsible for selecting the desired items in the list by touching them. Zooming in or out is extremely convenient as it helps you find things more easily. The search locations are also quite diverse.

Features :

Explore stunning scenes to find hidden objects and earn stars
Test your detective skills with a variety of modes and items
Restore the mansion to make its interiors strikingly beautiful
Search for ancient treasures and unlock rooms for more clues
Immerse yourself in a fascinating story with a wide range of characters

Manor Matters MOD features:

Unlimited Stars: Stars always reset to the maximum after you use them.

Last words about Manor Matters

Castlewood has many mysteries waiting for you to discover. Is there really something shady going on here? Who was this lost explorer? And is Carl really as harmless as he makes himself out to be? If you want to find the definitive answer, download and experience Manor Matters now.

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