MAD ZOMBIES Offline Games v5.32.0 MOD (Unlimited Gold Coin/Banknote/Grenade/First Aid Kit) APK

Descriptions :


Like most other zombie-slaying games (Dead Target, Dead Trigger 2…), the world of Mad Zombies is plagued by zombie outbreaks. More dead means more zombies. The world threatens to end. As a survivor, your mission is none other than to hold a gun and rise up to fight the brain-eating ones. Bring peace to the world or just save yourself.

The background of this game is most of the areas in the city. It can be a garage, a hospital, a street, an alley, … It is wherever the disease breaks out and a large number of corpses live. Therefore, you need to be really strong and resilient to fight in uncompromising battles. You will not be rested even for a moment.

playing style

In Mad Zombies the only goal is to aim the gun at the zombies. They are fast and crazy. Even though they are dead, they can run, attack and bite you. Destroy them!

The gameplay of this game is quite passive as you just aim and shoot. According to the plot, the move was automated. You are guided by a beautiful girl named Lucy. However, due to the large number of enemies, your operation must be extremely flexible to destroy the enemy instantly before they can kill you. A headshot helps take down zombies faster and with less costly bullets. There are many types of equipped weapons such as machine guns, pistols or grenades.

While the gameplay doesn't need to be shifted, you really have to be very flexible. With a large number of enemies and a variety of weapons, develop a clear and effective strategy. Life is at your fingertips, decide your own destiny!

Crazy and bloodthirsty enemies

Just like the name Mad Zombies, your enemy are crazy and bloodthirsty zombies. In large numbers, they aggressively hunt down and kill the survivors. In addition, you will not only encounter small zombies, but also countless huge zombies or flying zombies. In addition, when you are in sniper mode, there are always unexpected zombies that will pounce on you to kill you. Please note! Zombies are getting crazier and more dangerous, especially in new areas. With over 200 missions to complete, each mission brings with it so many hectic and disgusting enemies.


To face the bloodthirsty enemies, Mad Zombies weapon system is very diverse. There are many types of weapons such as sniper rifles, machine guns, pistols... Each weapon has a different function depending on its purpose. Also, there are more upgrades and more parts of the weapon. There are also explosive grenades that deal large and wide damage. Weapons in particular have special effects that help shoot more effectively and efficiently. Choosing the right weapon through the function will give you unexpected effects.

However, understanding your weapon is not enough. It is important that you use them in a real fight. To save bullets and defeat zombies quickly, shoot them a headshot.

New experiences

Entering Mad Zombies you will become a real soldier with interesting experiences. Playing games in the first view offers the most realistic feeling. The zombies are simulated by extremely vivid 3D graphics. Most come from doctors, police officers, ... who are infected. They always look at you with the devil's eyes and the body is covered in blood. What horror! As a result, the gameplay is more real and dramatic than ever. Show everyone that you are a brave soldier.

Features :

* In offline games 3D zombie comes from everywhere, they have different ages, skills and abilities, they are all crazy and want to kill everything living
* This zombie game 2019 not only has normal zombies, some giant zombies are bosses and harder to destroy
* There always comes the unexpected zombie to kill you when you play sniper games and the madman always appears in new survival locations and lands.

* This zombie game is the offline shooting game with simple gameplay but hard to be a best terminator, it requires excellent shooting skills, headshot skills and sensible tactics.
* Complete duty get bonus and equip good weapons to kill all crazy zombies, defend your borders and win in this shooter game
* You want to play zombie games, make no mistake about shooting and hunting, you can only die from zombie bite
* This action game lets you compare your shooting skills with other shooters in World Opps and get all free bonuses
* Offline game: play offline and enjoy this zombie game anytime, anywhere!

* The soldier can feel the real experiment in this kind of sniper games, every move and effect in battle is exciting
* The graphics with a certain style unique to this offline game
* An action game where you have to scream "Ouuu" while killing the dead

* Firearms and snipers can be customized and upgraded offline with different parts.
* Many types of guns for shooters in zombie games 2018 offline, each one has its own features, you should choose the right gun for each type of evil
* Special effects make guns and snipers stronger and more effective to win in the zombie offline games.

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