LOST in Blue Survive the Zombie Islands v1.180.1 MOD (full version) APK

Descriptions :

LOST in Blue takes players on a whole new and unique adventure. This is one of today's hottest adventure games with a vivid form and storyline. Players will be immersed in an experience and of course crash on an island. So how do you get out of this stuck life? Come to the game and do whatever you can to escape this life.


The game takes a story as an intriguing and unique setting about a lost young man on an island. Unfortunately, after his adventure trip, the plane had an accident and everything went beyond the original plan. If you were in this situation, how would you deal with it? In fact, the general feeling is scared for the happiness of surviving but not knowing if the island is safe or not and how we will return.

We must try to adapt to a new environment and find a way to get out of here as soon as possible. Even if it's not easy, but with the combination of LOST in Blue everything becomes so much better. Players can play the role of this young man and go through such things themselves. Complete these challenges in the best way using your own intelligence and skill.


Facing life with nothing in hand can be very difficult and frustrating. But with your own determination and survival skills, you will make it and overcome it easily. We must find and gather resources on this wild island to craft weapons and tools for life. Weapons help us protect ourselves and use in case of unforeseen circumstances and tools that help us get through the day.

In addition, LOST in Blue wants you to find a way to build a house to live in. Your house doesn't have to be too big and you just have to be able to live comfortably. Gradually we will face extreme weather conditions such as tsunamis, storms, etc., keep calm and try to overcome these difficulties, thinking together about the most appropriate response.


LOST in Blue is not only a survival masterpiece, but also gives you valuable life lessons. You train your own stamina, learn how to survive effectively in a harsh living environment, and on top of that, develop your own skills. You deserve to be known more because the appeal is in your own will and everyone is overwhelmed by your own perseverance.

As a result, LOST in Blue tries to show you its charm every day. The game is constantly updating each new version, and besides that, the game is trying to improve day by day. Lots of exciting and unique things are constantly being created in the game, just what you want. Come and test your best friend's endurance, learn valuable life lessons.

Features :

* The ultimate desert island survival experience has been developed. No other game has this mix of PVE and PVP.
* Choose! Fight or join forces with others!
* Create a warehouse with accumulated items! Learn to make tools and weapons. need her! Plant food in gardens or build hunting and gathering equipment on workbenches!
* Unique PVE mode. Discover your surroundings. Man-made obstacles include an abandoned temple, a 1980's expedition ship and hidden scientific facilities.
* Keep upgrading to enjoy Mother Nature's bounty.
* Survival on this mysterious, uninhabited island will require global cooperation.

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