Little Singham v5.12.582 MOD (Unlimited Money) APK

Little Singham v5.12.582 MOD (Unlimited Money) APK

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Little Singham - the classic runner that takes place in India. The main character here is the young guard who is chasing the criminal. To catch up with the villain, he needs to move sideways, jump over obstacles, use the falling bonuses and collect coins. The funds can save the development skills in the game. High-quality graphics, familiar gameplay, simple controls and lots of fun are waiting for all gamers.


Little Singham tells the story of his criminal pursuit of Singham. Recently, dangerous criminal Shaitan Shambala escaped from prison with the help of his accomplices. Shambala is known for being a villain who practices magic. He spent a lot of money and robbed their belongings, even killing people. He escaped from prison, bringing with him a dark conspiracy. Now you have to track him and bring him back to jail to prevent the bad things from happening.

EXPLORE lively Mirchi Nagar

In this game you play the role of a policeman Singham who is on his way to find the evil wizard Shambala. He can walk very well, so you have to make a lot of effort. If you've ever played Kilo's Subway Surfers, you've already figured out how to play Little Singham. Your character will be constantly moving, your task is to manipulate the console to help him avoid the obstacles. You can catch street signs, cars going the opposite direction, or even Shambala's juniors. Little Singham (MOD, Unlimited Money) Initially, the obstacles were quite sparse and easy. But the further you move, the faster the pace of the game will be and you will face more and more dangers. If you find it difficult, don't worry because during the journey, supporting items like bulletproof armor, invisibility cloak, missiles, skateboards, etc. will appear and help. You are a small blessing in the process of moving. And don't forget to collect the gold coins that Shambala drops.


Little Singham MOD is a fun game developed by Zapak Mobile Games Pvt. ltd If you want to become a police officer to solve crimes and protect your city, don't miss this game. The game offers a wide variety of tasks for you to enjoy the experience, try to complete them and you will get a lot of great gifts!

Features :

* Go on the journey with policeman happily and have great fun while facing hundreds of obstacles in front of you.
* Become a brave cop who always knows how to create unique and new ways to complete the mission.
* Collect coins and get rewards while searching for more wealth.
* Enjoy an extremely vivid interface coordinated with many distinctive colors, creating a new entertainment realm.
* Connect and share this game on Facebook to challenge and invite your friends.
* Always try to work hard every day, don't falter to achieve your goals, become the most talented and finish the race the fastest.
* Fight and prevent the evil demons' dangerous plans while always protecting and loving the people of this land.
* Learn a lot of exciting knowledge and collect more valuable experiences that are not available in books.

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