Kingdom Guard Tower Defense TD v1.0.343 MOD (Weak Waves/One Hit) APK

Descriptions :

Kingdom Guard is a unique defense game combined with soldier recruitment. The game brings you fantastic sword and magic wars. You will train and deploy soldiers to protect your homeland from the onslaught of invaders and become talented leaders in this world.


This is a fun game with an intriguing story. Titan has invaded the world and her mother's ambitions are on the brink of destruction. So your mission is to find a legendary dragon egg left behind in this world. City draws their dark legion to attack your kingdom; You have to defend it against invasion of giants.

In addition, you need to set up many towers and train troops to protect eggs from the onslaught of enemies. So train your soldiers to become solid and professional in combination with other types of soldiers to protect dragon eggs and save the world. In particular, you can merge troops to make them stronger and recruit powerful heroes to fight the enemy. Also, you can upgrade your army with a simple interface.


In order to be able to build many huge fortresses and train them effectively, Kingdom Guard allows players to upgrade them to eliminate boredom. All soldiers are under your control, so you can use them for military purposes and train them to become more advanced. The defense can be arranged according to the different characteristics of the soldiers to give an advantage over the invading enemy. With many different defensive formations, you can fight flexibly, strategize and bring many surprises.

You can build defensive towers to strategically position them against enemies with ease. There are many battle positions that you can unlock, but you must defend the egg from the onslaught of the giants. Defense towers can be arranged according to different characteristics of soldiers to effectively counter the enemy. The game will bring you a lot of fun with a variety of defensive formations.


The game takes place in the context of the complete destruction of the world by giants, causing the Guardian Dragons to become extinct. But luckily there was one last surviving dragon egg, and you found it. Your task is to protect it from the attack of giants who want to steal it.

The game features many levels where you can challenge and face many different types of enemies. In addition, you have to recruit heroes and generals like swordsmen, archers, mages, etc. The feet need to be trained with a lot of experience to be able to face huge enemies.


In order to be able to destroy the enemy, you need to recruit many different heroes. The game allows you to summon up to 16 heroes with special appearances and combat abilities. You can also upgrade heroes to increase their battle power and deal massive damage to enemies. Each hero has unique abilities and is suited to many different types of enemies, so you'll have to rethink your strategy and recruit the right heroes.

Try to unlock all heroes and train them into powerful soldiers for your army. You must always be in combat readiness to actively counter all enemy attacks, including powerful bosses.

Kingdom Guard is an exciting game with attractive defense gameplay and your task is to upgrade and merge soldiers to form the most robust defense squad. The game has hundreds of different levels that you can join and challenge your best friend. Besides, the game also has many unique features for you to explore with cute graphics.

Features :

* Simple and accessible gameplay: Merge heroes together to make them stronger. Beautiful and realistic map interface.
* Collection of different heroes to recruit players like swordsman, mage, archer, wizard,... with their own unique looks and skills.
* Defend the territory and the dragon eggs will survive to attack the enemy with many different levels so that the world will be completely devastated.
* Deploy soldiers to build your powerful army and upgrade them to possess a superior army with its own unique strategy.
* Build defense towers so your army can fight from a safe distance and help you fight the enemy quickly.

Kingdom Guard Tower Defense TD MOD Features:

* One hit kill
* reduce wave

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How to Download and Install Kingdom Guard Tower Defense TD?

First, click the download button, the APK file will be downloaded automatically.
Locate the downloaded APK file in your phone's Downloads folder and open it to install.
Go to your mobile settings, click Security, then Unknown Resources.

Now open the app and enjoy.