King of Crabs v1.18.0 MOD (Unlimited money) APK

King of Crabs v1.18.0 MOD (Unlimited money) APK

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Developer :
Robot Squid

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Descriptions :

King of Crabs - exciting multiplayer action in which the player takes part in large-scale battles between crabs. In battles of up to a hundred people, the user has to manage crustaceans, arthropods and animals on the beautiful maps. In each battle, he must destroy all opponents to achieve victory. This can be done using a weapon from his own claws and various tools in the form of knives, saws, hammers and other parts to tear the enemy to pieces.


The game officially begins as you are taken to a new world of mesmerizing adventures where you can adventure and express yourself through new challenges. King of Crabs offers you a game space with the background of the sea surrounded by sand, but here it's just you and the little creatures, so you have to rebuild everything to survive in the land.

Also, the player turns into a crab and your task is to find food and fight for victory with other opponents. The crab you own is quite an omnivore. So the main foods you need are coconuts, berries and other crabs. So you have to explore the surroundings to find food quickly. Players only need to perform simple operations to move their character and advance to new areas on this island.

The challenges gradually begin as the player reaches the first level. So you have to use your skills to complete the challenges in this game. King of Crabs gives you dramatic gameplay and takes players to extremely difficult challenges where you can challenge yourself. Also, there is always danger lurking around you, so you should always stay focused and pay attention to the threats around you.

Larger crabs seem to make it difficult for you to move and you can use your weapons to deal with them. The game is built in quite an attractive context, so you can enjoy it and fight with other opponents. Now it's time for you to show yourself and survive through foraging and fighting, but don't try to face the big crabs because they might overpower you.


King of Crabs offers you a variety of different game modes in which you can experience and discover new challenges and achieve unique goals. In the first mode with a friendly name, you can freely live and chat with other animals without having to worry about anything. So you just have to catch other creatures and survive in the area. However, there won't be too many challenges in this mode. So if you're a gamer who loves challenges and wants to experience more, King Mode is for you.

Also, this is where the fiercest battles take place, when players are constantly under attack from other creatures and have to fight anytime, anywhere until they are the last survivor. In addition, the game displays an energy bar that you should keep an eye on. Be careful because if it runs out you'll have to start over.

You can unlock more new items and characters including Common, S, Rare, Mega Rare and more. So try to complete the quests to get them all. Also, you get daily free spins every time you sign up and join, and you can try your luck to get attractive gifts. In addition, you can also acquire new weapons to stay confident in the arena and win against formidable opponents. In addition, the game constantly updates special events in which you can participate and adventure on unique maps and achieve new goals.


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How to Download and Install King of Crabs?

First, click the download button, the APK file will be downloaded automatically.
Locate the downloaded APK file in your phone's Downloads folder and open it to install.
Go to your mobile settings, click Security, then Unknown Resources.

Now open the app and enjoy.