Just Kill Me 3 v14.6 MOD (Mod gold coins) APK

Just Kill Me 3 v14.6 MOD (Mod gold coins) APK

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Descriptions :

Just Kill Me 3 is an interesting game in which you use tamas of different colors to attack the demon god and complete the requirements of this objective. The character will constantly appear in front of the player after you kill a clone, and in some cases boss versions make it difficult to require you to complete the level in a given amount of time. In addition, the mechanisms that help you increase your strength are diverse.


The story of Just Kill Me 3 begins with the player appearing before a demon god who is waiting for him and asks him to complete the quest. This quest is straightforward: it's trying to destroy the demon god with the tama they have, and this job will have a lot of supporting things. In addition, Demon God will give players different challenges after each defeat, so this is a task that will take a lot of players' time.

The player sees the demon god appearing across from them and there is an area for the tamas in the lower half of the screen. Possessing different attacks, these tamas will be the key for you to attack the target that is looking for death. At the same time, enemies will constantly spawn when you defeat a previous target, and of course their strength will be enhanced and require you to have more strength.


In Just Kill Me 3, players can damage characters with Tamas. The task is straightforward: you just need to touch them and they will immediately activate and deal a large amount of damage to the enemy. At the same time, you can also see how the character's health bar continuously decreases over time, and of course you will be surprised when you defeat the first target and your next enemy is still the Demon God.

The demon god possesses formidable power, and versions of this character will constantly appear before your eyes. Therefore, battles will continue to appear over time, and the game screen objective will remain completely unchanged. The consumed amount of tamas will continue to be replenished, allowing you to use various attacks in the game. Unexpected enemies also make it difficult for the player.

The interesting objectives in this game are the boss versions of Demon God and they will surely be completely different from the regular versions. Below the boss's health bar is a time bar that continuously decreases, and you will try to kill the enemy during that time. So this mechanic can cause the player to fail when they have to kill a strong enemy in a set time.


After completing a certain number of matches in Just Kill Me 3, you will have access to some mechanics related to the character's power. In particular, you can use the money you earn to increase your basic attack when using Tamas and you will be able to see an option to unlock a skill. Characters appear on the screen with an ability that they can tap and trigger cool effects.

One skill that will please any player is reloading Tamas in a short amount of time to hit your enemies one by one. In addition, the game offers not only plain tamas for players, but also tamas of other colors. For example, Red Tamas usually deals more damage to enemies because it is a critical attack, and its number will be less than the primary type. There will be many things you can use to destroy the enemy.

Features :

* The demon god awaits you and is the first target you encounter and the main character must be destroyed by the player.
* The player sees a different number of tamas, and a simple touch triggers the attack, dealing damage to the demon god.
* In some cases, players will be faced with boss versions of Demon God that will require players to fulfill the request over a period of time.
* Players can find many tamas of different colors, and one of them is red, which can deal critical damage to opponents.
* Players should not ignore the mechanics that increase character strength, such as increasing damage and using abilities with beneficial effects.

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How to Download and Install Just Kill Me 3?

First, click the download button, the APK file will be downloaded automatically.
Locate the downloaded APK file in your phone's Downloads folder and open it to install.
Go to your mobile settings, click Security, then Unknown Resources.

Now open the app and enjoy.