June’s Journey Hidden Objects v3.7.4 MOD (Unlimited Coins + Diamonds) APK


Are you ready to embark on an exciting journey to find hidden objects in this adventurous detective mystery game?

Sharp-eyed detectives, take matters into your own hands! June's Journey is the exciting adventure you've been waiting for. Relax with a story full of romance, intrigue and mystery in this exciting Hidden Object game straight from the roaring 20s!


Here in June's Journey: Hidden Objects, Android players have the opportunity to really enjoy the exciting gameplay of the mobile adventure starring June Parker, our main character on her quest for the truth after the death of her sister and brother-in-law. Visit New York to take care of your girlfriend and start working on the investigation. The captivating plot with many brilliant twists will surely impress many of you.

The game features the classic find the observation-based puzzle-solving challenges in which players are introduced to many realistically recreated 2D scenes and must find the clues for many of them. Explore the beautiful hand-drawn images and use your senses to see the hidden elements. Look for clues and complete the scenes, so you can move on to the next ones. Constantly work on your investigations to unravel the mysteries.

Attractive scenery and a number of quests
Although the mission is to find objects, June's Journey offers many quests that will keep surprising you in many ways. Sometimes find hidden objects, sometimes solve puzzles, sometimes find clues to a case. You are not bored for a second, your mind is constantly confused by the ingenious "hidden" displays of objects.

Reasonable and refined arrangement
My first impression was the layout of the button positions and functions, very intuitive and easy to control. Everything on the screen is nice and reasonable. I didn't have to think or face any obstacles while manipulating. My whole mind was ready to find things and think about the facts. A good object finding game should be like this.


* Simple gameplay with progressive challenges
Here in June's Journey: Hidden Objects, Android players will have no trouble getting into the game thanks to the interesting animations that introduce you to the stories and the intuitive puzzle-solving challenges. Most of the time, the gameplay is story-driven and you only have to work on specific tasks or puzzles whenever required. Even when it comes to the choices and actions, the accessible touch controls would make it as easy as possible for you to engage in the game.

* Lots of captivating challenges to work with
For those of you who are interested, now you can have fun working with the fascinating challenges of June's Journey: Hidden Objects, which allow Android gamers to put their puzzle-solving skills to the ultimate test. Challenge your keen eyes and wits with many observation quests that require you to spot the differences between two images, collect clues for a detailed scene, or make quick decisions to process in the game.

* Interact with multiple characters
To make the stories more exciting, June's Journey: Hidden Objects also features many unique characters, each with their own unique appearance, characteristics, and background to the overall gameplay. This makes the storyline much more dynamic and also allows you to further engage in the adventures in the game. Engage in many exciting conversations with them and try your best to collect certain clues that could lead to the secrets. You can also take the story in any direction you want, thanks to the choices available.

* Guide your way through many exotic locations
Here in June's Journey: Hidden Objects, Android players can enjoy many exciting adventures that will take them through the incredible lands hidden from the earth. Unveil many astounding stories while enjoying the beautiful scenarios.

* Captivating plot with dynamic stories
Throughout the game, June's Journey: Hidden Objects games have their chance to really enjoy the immersive storyline that allows them to experience many aspects of the game. Enjoy dozens of mysterious, dangerous, romantic or action-packed situations as you explore the in-game adventures and engage in the captivating storyline.

Last words about June's Journey Hidden Objects
Get ready to engage in the brilliantly constructed stories of June's Journey: Hidden Objects and follow our main character through many exciting adventures. Enjoy the addictive storyline and have fun with a variety of different puzzle-solving challenges. All of this should allow you to really enjoy the fantastic mobile title. Not to mention that our unlocked and modified version of June's Journey: Hidden Objects will surely give you more reasons to enjoy the game.

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