Jane’s Farm Farming Game v9.10.5 MOD (Unlimited Money) APK

Jane's Farm - Classic farming simulator that takes the player to the USA in the 1930s. These days were marked by the global economic crisis, so that almost every company failed. Despite this, during the crisis, the main character named Jane decides to start developing his farm. To help her succeed, the user would have to grow crops and raise cattle and small livestock. The resulting products can be traded on the market. The profits from the sale help in the construction of useful buildings and allow the purchase of new equipment.

Jane's Farm: Farming Game - a cartoon-style farming strategy game from Qumaron Studio with an expressive 1930s atmosphere, spectacular competitive mechanics and unlimited freedom of action. The developers transferred the events to a fictional universe in which Jennifer, a young graduate of a provincial university, decides to buy a farm from a distant relative and set up agricultural production. The heroine is determined: she bought the land, built a new barn and warehouse, set her sights on fighting the competition and dug up a few beds. But there are still many years of competition with the world, nature and those who will appear along the way ...

Jane's Farm is a game from the farming genre. The game is developed by Qumaron, a company specializing in creating entertaining games with simple but not boring gameplay. In general, most games in the farming genre make players feel like they have no difficulty in completing the challenge. But that's not the problem with this game; The game solved this problem by focusing on multiplayer development. The game received a great response when it was just released and with it the positive words that the players gave for this game.

The gameplay of the game is not too different from other farming games. It still revolves around the tasks of building, breeding, farming and making money. The game is easy to play, it doesn't take too much time to learn how to play, and it doesn't take much time from busy people at work. This game has no storyline or forces players to play after a specific mission. However, you are free to create, build and develop your own farm with your own or your preferences.

Although Jane's Farm does not have a storyline like other farming games, the game still has a leveling system that helps players to level up to a very high level. Each activity in the game gives you specific experiences to level up with. Your rewards as you level up are money, unlocking new lands, new crops, new pets, new buildings and tools.

One exceptional feature included in the game is the plant system; You can only grow these plants at a certain time of the year. Each season in Jane's Farm is not too long, and you can count on that. So you can grow all the agricultural products you want in a short time. In turn, you need to have a plan for these plants to be really suitable, that's not an easy thing.

A lot of different types and species of animals, plants, trees and shrubs, production buildings, goods, items, recipes, interesting and unique quest tasks for hundreds of hours of exciting game available for breeding. World holidays and unique decorations for your farming town. Various competitions and duels with friends and other players. Global trade with different people on the world map. Caravans and routes. Various delivery methods. The ability to help your friends on their farms and receive help from them. Unique buildings available to unique players. Find out the secret of how to build them. You are the lucky farmer in the game Jane's Farm.

* Get quests from local farmers and an interactive world map.
* Add other players on Facebook to play together.
* Customize your farm to your liking.
* Build factories to produce canned goods and textiles.
* Make a positive impact on the country's economy.

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