Hospital Empire Tycoon Idle v1.4.3 MOD (Unlimited Money) APK

Description :
Hospital Empire Tycoon
is an exciting game where players take part in the construction, operation and execution of works in a hospital. Build hospital business strategy with many departments and treat patients in the city. Emergencies can occur when accidents happen, the number of patients increases many times over. A new comprehensive hospital system can accommodate everyone. So the hospital has to be upgraded and built bigger and bigger.

In Hospital Empire Tycoon, players embark on a journey to build their own hospital. In the first step it is just a small clinic. The person plays the role of a person who runs everything in the hospital from the receptionist, the doctor, the nurse and the hospital director. With accumulated money and hospital business, expand the hospital with many departments like x-ray department, internal medicine department, surgery department, etc. Especially when the city has an accident or pandemic. The hospital needs numerous waiting rooms and adequate examination rooms to accommodate all patients.

In the city of Hospital Empire Tycoon, there are always patients. In the event of illness, patients are treated in the appropriate departments. In the increasingly modern world with many types of services and quality facilities, medical treatment is gradually being classified as a service profession. A committed, committed and committed patient care service is the development criterion of the hospital. Players need to install the most advanced machine systems to make the treatment more accessible. Take care of patients with enthusiasm to get more bonuses and hospital appreciation.

One of the most important characters in Hospital Empire Tycoon is your staff. This includes nurses, doctors, security guards, cleaners, etc. They cannot do all the work on their own, so most depend on their help. There are many characters in the game, and upgrade the hospital to each new level to unlock more new characters in the game.

As the hospital continues to grow, players can hire more doctors and nurses to ensure they don't miss a single patient. Employees are increasingly associated with benefit and harm. The benefit is that the more the patient grows, the more profit the hospital makes. However, there is also a negative side that is difficult to handle and if you don't handle it well, there will be many problems. Therefore, players should manage their personnel system well!

Download the Hospital Empire Tycoon mod that will allow you to increase the amount of money you spend. Therefore, make free purchases and increase the amount of money in your account.

Have a good time and improve your business skills, which will no doubt allow you to develop logic. After all, a real leader should think a few steps ahead. As you increase the number of hospital departments, more and more patients will come to you. Here you have to be smart and increase the number of beds so that people have space to accommodate.

Features :
* Casual and strategic gameplay for every player
* Innovative reward system for emergency rooms
* More detailed management system
* Dozens of objects to unlock and upgrade
* Lots of characters and interactions
* Funny 3D graphics and amazing animations
* Management of a successful business
* A small living world in miniature

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