Homematch Home Design Games v1.92.1 MOD (Unlimited Gold Coins + Diamonds + Lives) APK

Homematch Home Design Games -  Start running your own design studio, create amazing interior beauty according to your taste and make your customers happy by fulfilling their design desires. Grow, travel the world, and make the world more beautiful and in style. You need to solve three hardly puzzles with the help of the game to open new decorations for the interior, make the dream come true, create houses, dream apartments, everything depends on you, and you have to show that you are no better designer than She.

What's in Homematch Home Design Games?
This is not a game about combat or sublime tactical RPG. Simple, it gives you a vivid and hands-on experience of interior design jobs.

You will become an interior design studio owner. You will meet special, high-quality and aesthetic taste customers. Listen to them talk about their aspirations, hobbies, and desires in the future home. You must try your best to meet the customer's design requirements. At the same time, follow your principles and your personality in interior design. Use your intuition, ingenuity and unique ideas to fulfill the customer's desires and create a perfect living space.

The mission is just that.

The problem is that your customers are very wealthy, but also very meticulous. They earn a lot of money and want to use their money as valuable as possible. The house they live in isn't just a place to stay or for security, like the two lowest floors of the Maslow Tower. But it must become a sign of wealth and luxury class to match what they have. The home must also be a place where a lifestyle can be created and designed.

Homematch is one of the most impressive simulators developed by TapBlaze. It is a free game popular on the Android platform that allows players to install it for free and entertain it in their own way. The game is considered a unique simulation and gives you the feeling of designing your own interior for your own home and buildings in the city. You can even design worldwide.

A great choice for those who are passionate about design will definitely be the best game for you and you will be really satisfied with the game. Combined with many outstanding features, it makes the game more and more advanced and unique. Moreover, in this game, players can be creative and make their home more beautiful by using controls. So use your creative mind to meet customers' needs.

Joining Homematch can help you fulfill your unfulfilled dream of becoming an interior designer. In the role of a successful designer, players must design houses for their clients. Therefore, many clients will book appointments for you to design and there are hundreds of designs for you to explode to meet clients' every need. Therefore, use your daily imagination to create the complete versions to score with customers.

Your task is to arrange the furniture in the client's family so that it follows the rules of feng shui, is beautiful without being too picky. However, this game is a regular home decoration game and a practical game for those who are in the design industry and want to learn different design methods to support their work. Therefore, playing this game is not only entertaining but also gives you a lot of experience.

Built for yourself with Homematch, a super awesome and awesome 3D graphics mechanism. The houses are designed and arranged by space. It can be said that players are attracted by the good gameplay and in-game visuals. Also, the furniture provided is very modern and fresh. Therefore, adjust the items placed in the house and choose them according to your intuition while still meeting the customer's requirements.

In addition to the levels of designing rooms from simple to gorgeous to serve customers, there are also many interesting mini-games in this game to help players not get bored with each design over and over again. Solve colorful match-3 puzzles and unlock hundreds of new items and furniture to create a complete blueprint for your client's dream home. But of course you will be the last one to finish this design.

Homematch offers gamers unique experiences with many features to decide from to play. With thousands of different home decorations, players can freely decide the most suitable objects to make the house more beautiful. Unique houses the customers are no less, but the customers are quite relaxed and your design also becomes more accessible. The game offers many cute stories and gives you a very relaxing gameplay.

In addition, in this game, to unlock new decorations, you must play and solve 3 level puzzles to discover the rewards of your work.

* 1000 different home accessories
* Home design simulation with match 3 puzzle challenges
* Unique homes and clients
* Stylish furniture and home accessories
* Unlock rewards as you hone your home decorating skills
* Nice story and relaxing gameplay

What are gems used for?
Every time you complete a job and get praise and customer satisfaction, you earn lots of diamonds. And your reputation will increase too (indicated by the heart-shaped icon). If you have these two things at the same time, many customers will come to you quickly. The money makes more money, and the studio's profits keep growing. Up to a point, you can own a house, then several houses, then a block, or even an entire town. You can juggle freely with passion, do whatever you want, and no longer mind customers complaining.

Download Homematch APK & MOD for Android
The 3D game is so beautiful. The landscape of 45 places is like a dream. Customer requirements are unusual and challenging. But they can increase your passion when there are more than 1000 items to decorate all genres and styles.

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How to Download and Install Homematch Home Design Games?

First, click the download button, the APK file will be downloaded automatically.
Locate the downloaded APK file in your phone's Downloads folder and open it to install.
Go to your mobile settings, click Security, then Unknown Resources.

Now open the app and enjoy.