Heroes Charge v2.1.408 MOD (God Mod/One Hit/Free Skills) APK

Descriptions :

Heroes Charge * Excellent online toy multiplayer battle arena with RPG elements. In general, the toy's gameplay is average between Dota and the famous strategy game Heroes. In total there are about fifty different heroes in the game, they will be our main force, develop and train, buy new items for them, weapons and armor, and when ready, go into battle. The toy has a multiplayer mode, as well as single* player battles that involve the implementation of various quests, tasks and missions. Playing in single player allows us to gain experience and develop our heroes, and then go into battle with other players.

Features :

* Choose between over 50 unique and varied heroes, from melee fighters, agile archers and powerful mages
* Fight and explore the world of Kron, find rare heroes and see if you have what it takes to convince them to join you!
* Evolve and upgrade your skills as you collect gear sets that will give your heroes power over your enemies!
* An immersive experience with friends or alone in numerous battles
* Combine collaborations with your friends as you battle rival guilds for elite prizes
* Develop team play and strategies to dominate the world of Kron
* Build or join a guild of friends
* Fight your way through the PvP arena for glory prizes!
* Collect and evolve rare heroes!
* Battle a horde of enemies in challenging special events!

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