Hero Wars Fantasy Battles v1.191.000 MOD (Mana + No Skill CD) APK


Hero Wars Hero Fantasy Multiplayer Battles is a beautiful and dynamic RPG project focused on large-scale battles. For a long time the Archdemon reigned cruelly and bloodily in the lands of the conquered Dominion. The day has finally come to liberate the once beautiful land and save the surviving residents from the usurper's yoke. Lead an army of heroes brave and ready to restore peace and tranquility, and venture into the epicenter of incredible battles where only the strong and fearless can survive.

Reach the gathering of the most powerful heroes, unlock all their skills and talents. Give them more energy to a degree, test them in PvP territory battles, guild wars and RPG combat campaigns - make your military invincible and win the main battle. Set up your individual eternal RPG legacy.


* Dozens of distinctive, powerful heroes with distinctive abilities to achieve and level up;
* Tons of enemies - bosses, archdemons and various infernal characters - to trouble and kill;
* Hundreds of epic multiplayer PvP Area and Grand Area battles to mount;
* Quite a few colorful fantasy action RPG battle campaigns to quench your thirst for adventure;
* Gigantic guild wars to show yourself;
* Multi-level scoring to commemorate your victories and legacy.

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