Hero Making Tycoon v2.1.7 MOD (Get rewards without watching ads) APK

Descriptions :

The world is being invaded by tons of monsters. They swarm into the land and are quick to trample wherever they go. As an army commander you are granted a special power: create, use and develop a hero factory.The mission is also your ultimate goal to create a powerful army that is constantly increasing in quantity and quality to fight against the monsters that are also increasing.For the first time in tycoon games, you will witness a unique idea: building a hero crafting empire.
From strange shapes to incomparable ideas


Different from the usual tycoon or hero games, in Hero Making Tycoon your main character is a sausage warrior who has more talent than humans and has a special task to take care of all the rules in the hero factory. The victory of this world is now in your hands. Times will change depending on your schedule, production schedule and long-term development strategy.

If you produce too many heroes and soldiers with limited resources, you will find it difficult to control and unable to react when the monsters have moved to change the battle strategy. If production is too low, the army will be scarce, there will not be enough heroes, and the country will suffer in unequal monster battles.

You are the one who keeps the balance, the one who decides how, tactics, production schedules, upgrades and gear for the heroes both suit the reality of limited resources and ensure they always gain the advantage in battles.
What exactly is a hero factory manager supposed to do?

You start by opening a farm that produces Sausage Soldiers. Build an automated assembly line, the stations upgrade armor and weapons for soldiers as they are dispatched. This will be the first step in building a hero crafting empire.

The soldiers released from the factory will immediately form an army to fight monsters. Profits continue to flow into operating costs and the modernization of machinery and equipment in the factory.


With a strategy of producing soldiers and a sensible way of fighting, you will gradually hold many valuable assets in your hands and unlock more complex and advanced machine processes to create many other unique types of heroes that are no longer ordinary soldiers .
The battle system is full of fun

In Hero Making Tycoon you not only manage and develop the hero factory, but you also have the opportunity to play role-playing games and enjoy a unique combat system. Use your own soldiers and heroes to deploy, strategize, siege, combine attacks to wipe out the baby monsters and challenge the giant bosses.

With this gameplay combining many forms, Hero Making Tycoon will bring you a lot of exciting experiences. No matter what type of player you are, you will always find something unique for your favorite game.
Unlock heroes and monsters

In turn, from your more and more modern factory, many types of heroes will be born: infantry, archer, mageā€¦ the higher you get, the more new careers you will open and diversify your combat and combat skills of your army.

While it's still purely a management simulation game, you'll see thousands of weird mechanical animations in the factory. The production line is becoming more sophisticated and complex, and that's when you find joy in managing this game.

Even monsters are extremely numerous. Just a small, light, low-capacity game, but Hero Making Tycoon has more than 100 different types of huge monsters waiting to fight your army. Defeating them gives you a chance to get rare and normal equipment that is difficult to craft at the factory. Make them equip special army heroes, you will quickly increase your army's standing.

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How to Download and Install Hero Making Tycoon?

First, click the download button, the APK file will be downloaded automatically.
Locate the downloaded APK file in your phone's Downloads folder and open it to install.
Go to your mobile settings, click Security, then Unknown Resources.

Now open the app and enjoy.