Gymnastics Superstar v1.6.2 MOD (Unlocked) APK

Gymnastics Superstar v1.6.2 MOD (Unlocked) APK

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Developer :
Coco Play By TabTale

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Descriptions :

Gymnastics Superstar - Spin to Gold! - Sports game with elements of casual arcade games that will appeal to fans of sports like rhythmic gymnastics. Here players are invited to bring a real champion of aspiring gymnasts. In order to succeed on the world stage and win many awards and universal recognition, a girl needs to train hard. They also have to monitor the appearance of the gymnasts, choose their outfits for performances and apply makeup, because in rhythmic gymnastics it is also important for the jury and the spectators to have a beautiful appearance of the athletes.


It is an honor to represent the country with national flags on the international stage. When you compete in the Olympics in the highest role, you must do your best to glorify the nation. Players join the Turn Superstar and compete against many other teams. Do your best to perform the aerobic movements perfectly. Reach the highest score and increase your score to get the gold medal step by step


The pressure of representing the country is enormous, so practicing is important to improve your skills. Countless countries with talents in gymnastics send their talents to compete in Gymnastics Superstar. Try to glorify your country with your rhythmic gymnastics achievements. The barbell exercises are sometimes difficult, but that's not the point. Only practice and improvement bring good results.


Once you get used to the pressure, no matter how difficult the moves, they won't make it difficult for you. With just his skill and hard work, the day of winning a gold medal at the Olympics is not far away. Every time you perform the moves perfectly and get the score in the competition, the player gets money every time the score bar is full color. Don't just try to honor the country, try to get the score to own the amount you want.


Even if you are an aerobic athlete, you should be careful about how you dress. Especially if you already have a good reputation and a large following. As a Gymnastics Superstar, you're not just an ordinary athlete, you're also an idol in everyone's eyes. Therefore, choose nice clothes that you feel comfortable in every time you step onto the field to stand out best. Choosing the right outfit will also make you comfortable and increase your competitive spirit like never before.


Get a slim figure that matches your outfit and your sport. Players should maintain the habit of giving drills at an appropriate time. Also, you will be the star athlete in this game. Don't piss off your fans; Try to get the highest score, especially the gold medal. Players can change their look like a star by changing their costumes, doing trendy hairstyles or makeup before competing.


You can be on the covers of magazines once you are famous. So, maintaining a beautiful and healthy body is also a factor that top athletes like you must do. Go to the spa before game day, the best way to relax your body. Or players can be treated like normal people in case of injuries. Rest, improve health and practice daily are what you have to do in Gymnastics Superstar.

Features :

* Participate in the Olympic Games as a national representative, compete with other players, achieve the highest score in rhythmic gymnastics step by step and win a gold medal.
* Improve your skills with barbell exercises, practice as hard as you can to limit your fear of stepping onto the court for the best results.
* The athlete is also considered a real profession; Try to practice to get high scores and bring in big bucks every time you perfect the score bar.
* Be careful how you dress when you go to the court, choose the best and most comfortable clothes, help you to have competitive spirit and stand out in everyone's eyes.
* Maintain your look with daily exercises, dress up like a star and even change your hairstyle and makeup as you like.
* Represent your country at the Olympics and climb the world rankings in aerobic gymnastics! Make this gold medal yours!
* Flip! The safe is waiting for you.
* Perfect your uneven bars program and floor exercises!
* Show off your amazing moves on the balance beam!
* Get ready for the biggest gymnastics competition of the year with an Olympic “Coach to the Stars”!
* Dressing up is always fun, but gymnastics dressing up is the best! Dress up in a sparkly fabulous leotard that will get you noticed!
* Get creative and dream up your very own aerobics gymnastics routine!
* Look like a real star gymnast! Get a makeover, a manicure and a new hairstyle!
* Hit the gym and get in shape before the competition!
* OMG! Golden Gymnast Magazine just asked you to be on their cover! Photoshoot, you come!
* Impress the judges with outstanding aerobic gymnastics moves like Side Aerials, Triple Full Layouts, Triple Pikes, Backward Rolls and more!
* Ugh - gymnastics injury. Don't worry - the doctor will treat you in time for the big competition!
* Relax in the spa before the big day. You deserve it after all your hard work!

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