Gridpunk Battle Royale 3v3 PvP v1.1.07 MOD (Menu/Unlimited Resources) APK

Descriptions :

Gridpunk is a real-time action game with a 3vs3 concept and content that players can explore or enjoy their full potential in gameplay. In addition, the gameplay is fast-paced and will apply this theme to almost any game mode or players' progression in their careers. More new content will appear regularly to diversify everyone's experience and create more engaging content to entertain friends.


Gridpunk's most outstanding feature is its lively and vibrant atmosphere in almost any game mode or discreet situation to entertain the player. Because of this, all its content, potentials and expansions are always full of excitement for everyone and always revolve around 3v3 to create the perfect environment. Depending on players' progress, the refreshment or intoxication will increase over time, making them stick with the game for a long time due to its chaotic and hectic element.

Although most of the gameplay revolves around the 3v3 element, the additional game modes are creative and fun for everyone to have a richer experience with friends. These game modes will change the content or tasks of people on different teams while emphasizing the new teamwork factor that is Glory. Many special game modes appear only occasionally, but the potential and rewards they bring abound for any passionate fighter.

Besides the great gameplay, Gridpunk has a flexible and superior control mechanism to offer players the best combat performance with a top-down style. Furthermore, the game uses a dual joystick mechanic to stimulate people's senses in many situations while giving them more accuracy. Of course, anyone can customize the console and tweak some features for better impact while immersing themselves in the many creative game modes.


The variety of characters is also important as they greatly contribute to the strategy of the player and teammates as they have many outstanding traits. Each character has unique skills and abilities, but they can share weapons, so their roles are broad. Depending on the combination of 3-person squads, people can bring out the most impressive things in fighting enemies in different environments.

The most well-known game mode in Gridpunk is Battle Royale, where 3-person squads fight to the death for ultimate victory. In this mode, however, the weapon system is diverse and everyone can use everything to win by working together with teammates in key moments. As the game progresses, many new weapons or pieces of equipment will appear, making things more intense but dramatic for everyone to fight with enthusiasm.

Events or additional gameplay challenges are the best that players expect or look for the best opportunities. They're all full of crazy and creative players who take advantage of the characters and do whatever it takes to meet all the conditions of the event. Also, the game's reward system is dynamic, and there will be different levels of gifts based on the performance of all in compatible game modes.

Gridpunk is the pinnacle of entertainment when everything is busy and chaotic for everyone to have the best experience of the 3v3 action gameplay genre. Not only that, each progression or element is innovative and outstanding in order to create the full potential for the players to explore or use for each split plan in many different game modes.

Features :

* An exhilarating gameplay with intense and fast-paced elements to immerse players in chaotic yet fun moments with friends.
* Exciting game modes with huge rewards and developments to encourage players to participate in order to earn the most glorious riches.
* An innovative control mechanism with outstanding dual joystick methods, allowing players to express the most extraordinary feats of combat.
* Various characters that can play and take on multiple roles in the team, and even use countless weapons for perfect combinations.
* Immersive events with hilarious game modes where players can compete and earn legendary or excellent rewards for their efforts with themed events.

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How to Download and Install Gridpunk Battle Royale 3v3 PvP?

First, click the download button, the APK file will be downloaded automatically.
Locate the downloaded APK file in your phone's Downloads folder and open it to install.
Go to your mobile settings, click Security, then Unknown Resources.

Now open the app and enjoy.