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Grand Hotel Mania Hotel games -
Build your own hotel empire, make your customers happy, and they will definitely come back to you! Build your own hotels in different resort corners of the world, provide all service areas and also take care of delicious food, provide your customers with comprehensive services and get ready to meet the crowds of tourists!

Expand your hotel, improve every area: rooms, service, food and so on. Set clear priorities and fulfill the wishes of your guests. All the staff is in your hands, lead wisely and develop in the right direction.

Prepare to meet the most capricious guests and meet all their requirements, in return you will receive "Likes", thanks to which the representativeness and responsiveness of the hotel will be evaluated. Play, build, improve, carry out all actions in a flash and get a lot of positive feedback for it.

Most of the player's time will revolve around the hotel and his work, players will start building rooms, fulfilling customer requests and transporting orders everywhere. Not only that, the player will also have to complete a variety of different challenges, and the player will master everything as a hotel receptionist. In completing the challenge, players will also gradually build a luxury hotel, fulfill many needs, and improve the conditions and living environment in each room. Not only that, but players will also be introduced to a huge upgrade system where players can upgrade everything in the hotel to have a better gaming experience.

Each challenge represents a new day at the hotel, with new customers coming and going and players needing to continuously accept their requests. Customer requests vary, e.g. B. ordering food, drinks, shipping luggage and meeting many other personal needs. The player's task is to achieve everything within the given time, even do everything at the fastest speed and make every customer happy. There will be many functional places in the player's hotel, such as: B. the kitchen, the canteen and many other areas where the players can offer the customers all the available services of the hotel. Not only that, but players must continually expand, attract customers, and even improve functional areas so they can work faster.

Grand Hotel Mania allows players to unlock many hotels in different locations, and each hotel has a unique style as well as the service it offers to its customers. Therefore, the gameplay will be more diverse and successful, giving players more experience and entertainment in each hotel. Also, players can improve each hotel's working conditions and service quality, as well as meet many other requirements such as cargo, etc. The more players upgrade, the higher the quality of service, until the peak of the upgrade system, the player can continue to unlock new hotels and repeat the process. What players get in this game is endless entertainment, where players are always challenged in speed and accuracy while serving customers.

If players want to increase progress in unlocking new hotels, the best way is to do the daily or weekly jobs in the mission system. Players are introduced to a variety of jobs, and each of these jobs bring players many attractive rewards and even collect points to unlock bigger rewards. Of course, it resets every day, giving players more opportunities and more time to improve their hotel and reward themselves with many upgrades in game equipment and systems.

Arcade style hotel management simulation game, Grand Hotel Mania, is also a game that offers players a lot of entertainment. Players can manage many hotels in ideal locations and enjoy different cultures in each hotel.

* Addictive gameplay as you develop your hotel!
* Great graphics show off your hotel in all its glory!
* Regular updates with new dream hotels!
* A unique gaming experience that only great hotel games can offer!

This hotel simulator offers a beautiful game environment that will win the heart of every gamer. Grand Hotel Mania hotels are designed with passion, which is why this hotel story is so unforgettable. You will meet interesting characters like your assistants Ted and Monica. They will do anything to make you the hotel master! The adorable Monica will greet guests with a smile, while the hardworking Ted will make sure everyone is taken care of.

How to install Grand Hotel Mania
Step 1: Requires downloading the MOD version of Grand Hotel Mania, developed exclusively by

Step 2: Unlock unknown settings on Android device.

Step 3: Select settings.

Step 4: Follow the instructions on the phone screen.

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There are many things for players to discover at Grand Hotel Mania. It's a huge, colorful world and contains many exciting adventures like never before. You can open a hotel anywhere to accommodate as many guests as possible. Try to collect more "likes" by completing many built-in tasks to unlock more exciting new levels. I wish you a happy experience.

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