FPS Gun Shooting Games offline v22.2 MOD (GOD MODE/ENEMY CANT ATTACK/NO ADS) APK

Descriptions :

Real Commando Secret Mission - a three-dimensional military shooter in which the player takes on the role of a commando soldier left in the hands of the enemy. Initially, the user has no weapons, so you need to quickly get a weapon and not die. After the first weapon, you have to keep moving forward and methodically destroy the enemy forces. Subsequently, the player will be able to get their hands on more powerful assault and sniper rifles, which will contribute to equal resistance against the enemy.


When you start Real Commando Secret Mission, choose the appropriate game mode to experience the firefights as you like. Each of them brings a special fun and challenge, so you can switch up the experience if you get bored. At the same time, this is an FPS game, so it always requires the player's control skills as your opponent gets stronger and can defeat you with a single shot.

You control the character with different control buttons, and after each level you improve your control ability and have specific reactions to fight against enemies unexpectedly. An interesting point that players will love is that they will always have the opportunity to practice their skills and have access to the different weapons in the game. This allows them to find the weapon they see fit and continue to complete the many challenges this game has to offer.


The game modes in Real Commando Secret Mission are often divided into two main game modes where you participate in levels in assault/sniper mode and join other players in multiplayer mode. The gameplay of Assault/Sniper mode is totally understandable as you will know the objective of the whole level and you will go into it to complete it with the weapon already equipped. Of course, usually there will be AI-controlled enemies in front of your eyes and they will stand in a certain area.

An interesting point about experiencing this mode is that you navigate the enemies in a large environment. You will see red arrows pointing in different directions. So you have to follow these arrows and when you see an enemy, finish them off quickly to avoid blood loss. The character's health bar takes the form of a human on the right side of the screen and contains a percentage so you can retreat if you lose too much health.

Once you have the ability after completing the missions that Assault/Sniper mode gives you, you will continue to switch to multiplayer. Multiplayer will have a level with team deathmatch and the understandable goal is to try to complete the level by coordinating with teammates and against enemies. You and your teammates will try to eliminate as many enemies as possible and score more points than the other side in a given time.


Once you've experienced an FPS game like Real Commando Secret Mission, you'll be interested in the types of weapons you can experience. There are different types of weapons that you can use and find in this game. At the same time, in some modes you can even pick up weapons dropped on the field to continue working if it suits the current situation. This allows you to use different weapons in a match.


* Great weapon system with powerful sniper rifles and rifles that will give you good support during battle.
* A series of tough challenges with powerful enemies and must quickly destroy the terrorists in the base.
* Smooth, attractive gameplay with a few simple operating steps that give you a solid feel when playing and give you a very authentic experience.
* Large interactive environment with realistic 3D graphics and lively sound effects for your moments of relaxation.
* Become a professional shooter, destroy enemies and protect peace for all, extremely heroic hero.


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