Flat Zombies Defense & Cleanup v1.9.9 MOD (Unlimited Money) APK

Descriptions :

Flat Zombies: Defense & Cleanup - a bloody action game in which the user will take up arms and begin to destroy the living dead. They have to clean the floors of the building from their flooded bloodthirsty zombies. The number of undead will increase with each new level, so the player is required to shoot accurately and to keep the enemy at a distance. Also in the middle of the pass will be to meet new types of zombies. In the fight against them will an impressive Arsenal of guns, automatic and sniper rifles and other weapons.


Flat Zoobies is a gentle shooting game to destroy the zombies produced and developed by PaVolDev. This is a free and low-profile game that makes it suitable for a wide variety of mobile devices. Although this is a game that has been released for a long time, its attraction is still very great. In the game, you will play the role of a hero to rescue your city being dominated by zombies; your task needs to destroy all those ghosts, clean them up to make the city. My street is more beautiful. However, if you are alone, you will not be able to kill many of those corpses; being injured or killed by them will be natural, so you should be careful with them not to be killed. And when night falls, they will be more active, more and more where the zombies appear, and their forces are more and more divided into separate groups of operations. So it would help if you used weapons to shoot them, so remember to be precise to destroy the target as quickly as possible.


When downloading the game, you will be provided with the manufacturer providing many modern weapons that allow players to have a great experience fighting each zombie. Zombies in the game appear a lot, and more and more; they take on a very monstrous form that wants to enter and capture the entire city. There will be three new lives to start playing; after trying it out, you will be able to play officially and buy a variety of weapons. 2D graphics with a simple design, vibrating sound will make you feel like you want to explore more challenges that the game brings. The game has a deficient capacity of only 29M of memory, allowing everyone to download and experience comfortably without worrying about full of memory. Guns are very lethal, so that you can kill them quickly.


To quickly kill all the monstrous zombies, you can not use your hands and fight directly with them, so you should use weapons like guns to defeat them absolutely. In the game, there will be a treasure trove of guns with all kinds of different types such as rifles, pistols, Gatling guns... At the beginning of the game, you will be provided with a shotgun, and after you unlock many rounds, there will be modern guns and high lethal shooters: grenade launchers, machine guns, axes…. And an arsenal of different guns. It can be said that the gun is the weapon that kills these corpses quickly without wasting any force. However, the price of a gun is quite high, from $ 2000- $ 3000, so instead of buying many similar guns, you should buy different weapons first, they will save you a lot of money.


Flat Zombies will have two different game modes, adventure mode, and survival mode. If you want to challenge yourself with adventure mode, you can freely move around to destroy the dead. Conversely, if you want to play in survival mode, you need to fight the zombies alone without having to move until they kill you. I lightly touch the image and determine the standard target, aiming direction to shoot these Zombie names. Besides, you can also attack and launch strong kicks to prevent and fight these black bodies. You need to shoot to fight the enemy anywhere from houses to parks, hospitals, wherever they appear. These Zombie names will usually be divided into groups, groups of small and different large, so you must always be careful with them in all circumstances. Flat Zombies: Defense & Cleanup Flat Zombies is a game that many young people love, with simple graphics and vivid sound. The game is entirely free and has a low capacity to give users a different experience compared to other Zombie genres. If you love this game, you can download it at Google Play and experience great moments with this game.

Features :

* Experience the terror of zombies in a variety of unique game modes, most notably Cleanup Mode, which requires as little life to be spent and as many corridors as possible to be cleared.
* Hundreds of unique weapons will help players repel waves of monstrous zombies, especially players who are allowed to craft their own special weapons based on the items obtained.
* The zombie crowd is classified according to many different ranks; The higher they climb, the more their ferocity and life will improve, making them harder for you to destroy.
* Practice your sniping skills regularly before going to war, as your sniping skills will affect the final score * which will help you climb up the rankings.
* Reinforce the defenses around your territory by building barricades with bulletproof devices or objects engraved with zombie life.

Flat Zombies Defense & Cleanup MOD Features:

unlimited money

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