Five Heroes The King’s War v7.6.11 MOD (Unlimited Gold Coins/Diamonds) APK

Descriptions :

the Five Heroes: The King's War - Fantasy RPG with a classic confrontation between good and evil. In the story, the magical world is on the brink of destruction because of the skeleton army and their leader. To stop Bony's army, the player assumes the duties of a military commander and assembles an army of the best fighters. With this, the user will go through many locations where he will have to fight with groups of skeletons. To increase the chances of winning, the player has an opportunity to improve the power and skills of the soldiers' wards, and it will allow you to complete all missions and defeat the villains.


Five Heroes is a fantasy role-playing game and the story begins with the leader and his skeleton armies trying to take over the territory of the magical land. Therefore, this land is gradually being destroyed, but our heroes are very disappointed in their leaders, so it is difficult for them to find ways to fight back against the enemy. In this game you will turn into a leader of this country, try to call and gather the most elite and strongest troops, develop specific strategies to defeat the evil enemies that are waiting for you all along the way. The game also has many tough challenges and dramatic battles never needed to entertain the players.


Five Heroes has a straightforward gameplay. Before joining the fight, play as an elite hero, then the UI will automatically take you to Archers for a briefing on the missions and your team. Your mission is to use your army to defeat all enemies, conquer the gold mine and then get the prize. Accumulating gold will help you a lot in buying heroes to create powerful army and collect cheap and expensive self heroes like Pries, Earth Mage and Rogue. etc. In addition, gold will also help you improve warriors' skills and characteristics to increase the win rate higher and faster.


Five Heroes offers intriguing gameplay, but what it offers is extremely rich and lively to explore. It creates multiple heroes for you to choose from with different uses or offers many quests, challenges and attractive rewards for purchasing special heroes. The game also has various skills and equipment that you can use to improvise. All of these factors combine to give you the best possible experience. Also, the game will be regularly updated with new activities and host various big events to enrich the gameplay and more.


The game is also probably the best way to increase your excitement by competing in PVP competitions to level up. Although it can be a good opportunity for you to level other multiplayer levels, on the contrary, if they beat you, you will lose a lot of your gold. So think carefully and you must realize that you have the resources to enter these competitions. The impressive thing is, the more you defeat, the more rewards you get for upgrades.
Five Heroes not only offers players a variety of content, but also is designed with high-quality graphics and images of heroes in the form of an adorable and funny chibi. In addition, a humorous sound system will significantly increase the player's mood in battle. Besides, the antique space design helps you to experience nostalgic moments to go back in time.

Features :

* Players must develop effective strategies for themselves in order to defeat the enemy.
* Learn and visit the landscape together here and experience something new and unique.
* Train and train the talents you have collected after completing the difficult tasks of the game.
* You may collect items to equip your heroes.
* Experience exciting matches and measure yourself against other players.

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