Fishing Clash v1.0.280 MOD (Simple Fishing) APK

Fishing Clash v1.0.280 MOD (Simple Fishing) APK

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Ten Square Games

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Fishing Clash is a highly rated 3D fishing simulation game and the number of downloads keeps increasing. It is also one of the top 50 grossing games on Google Play today. Speaking of why, it's probably just a few general lines like attractive simulation, intuitive gameplay, beautiful landscapes, lots of fish... But dig deeper, you'll understand why Fishing Clash attracts a lot of players.


The gameplay is quite simple. You have to catch fish on multiple levels and overcome many obstacles to get there. Sometimes you need to collect bonuses, but most importantly, don't miss your target - the fish. There are different species of fish that look real and differ from each other, not only in appearance. The application allows you to connect with other players, participate in competitions, chat on various topics and exchange gifts. There are also mini-games where you can win virtual gold coins or buy items for real money if you want to participate.

Fishing spots are so beautiful
I have traveled to many places, all famous landmarks, breathtaking seascapes, from Europe, Asia, North and Latin America, such as the Florida coast, Lake Guntersville, the Kenai River, the Nile, the Amazon to Loch Ness... Blue ocean water, stretch golden sand, windy. Nobody can fish all day and just look at the sea. To be honest, I'm quite old too, play tennis and fish all day. But this is the first time facing such a romantic fishing scene. After playing, I just wish I could carry my tools to a place like this to let go.

Fishing Clash is for adventurers
Fishing isn't just fun, it's an art. And every art needs the adventure to bring inspiration at the highest level. You will experience an adventure in the world of fish. Catfish, sea bass, mackerel, salmon, even sharks and many rare species of fish that you can only find in notorious seas... Their shapes are very attractive, correct standard, consult google, and you can see that they are the same shape and color have, and it also has a lifelike struggle when caught on a fishing pole. Each type has its characteristics, but it takes time to learn before you can expect to catch them.

Fishing Clash makes fishing an interesting experience
Fishing Clash does a great job in simulation. It can make your dream fishing trips a reality. You'll have to keep clicking your tongue at the stunning landscape appearances, "fishing team", exciting quests and free gear to show your talents while playing the game. The simulation of the time of day, the movement of the fish when caught on the rod and the sound of the water make the fishing experience even more exciting.

Endless game mode
Those who don't like the quiet feeling of enjoying the water alone can "enroll" everywhere to compete in competitions with anglers. Defeat your opponents with resounding fishing trophies and get lots of great in-game rewards and also get named on the Anglers World Map.


* Sport fishing as a way of life
Fishing Clash is a free fishing game for mobile devices. It mixes exciting parts of real sport fishing with the competitiveness of PvP games.

* Fishing all year round
Whether it's spring, summer or winter, you can visit the nearest river, lake, sea or ocean whenever you want in this free simulation game. Whether it's fishing season or you're warming up for your next tournament, play Fishing Clash! With realistic 3D graphics and fishing spots in the heart of nature, you'll feel like you're on a real fishing trip as you stand on the fishing pier, holding your fishing rod - and fighting a big fish!

* Catch hundreds of different species of fish
With so many locations, you can be sure that you will find hundreds of different species of fish on your hook. At low levels you can catch a normal fish like carp, perch or catfish. As you level up, visit more exotic fishing spots and arm yourself with rare lures. It's only a matter of time before you start bragging about a shark, giant bass or even a sea monster! What will your biggest catch be?

* Fishing every day
Participate in daily life events and win new lures, buffs and become a master champion. Climb to the top of the leaderboards while catching bass, sharks or other sea monsters. Enjoy limited-time celebrations with themed Battle Pass and try to fish a very special species of fish out of the water! This fishing simulator gives you tons of exciting opportunities to dive in every day!

* Compete against other players in real-time PvP matches!
If you like competition, there is no better fishing game to jump into! In Fishing Clash you can take part in numerous PvP game modes such as challenges, tournaments and skirmishes - just to name a few. With the multiplayer battle royale mode, the competition just keeps getting hotter. Where 4 or 8 players compete to catch the fish with the highest point in a specific fishing spot. You can also socialize and interact with other anglers, or even join or create a fishing clan to participate in clan wars!

* Stunning locations
Do you like fishing in the sea? Fishing in the lake? Or are you the cold-blooded ice fisherman? Travel to realistic, beautifully animated locations across Europe, North and Latin America, and Asia that you won't find in other fishing games!

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