EMERGENCY HQ rescue strategy v1.9.02 MOD (Menu) APK

EMERGENCY HQ rescue strategy v1.9.02 MOD (Menu) APK

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Developer :
Promotion Software GmbH

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Emergency HQ is offered and developed by Promotion Software GmbH. It is a firefight team simulation game. This game is available on both Android devices and PC. In this game you have to control the emergency units of firefighters, doctors, police, technical services and even medical personnel. It's hard to be an honorable citizen saving lives every day, but someone has to do it. There will be many critical issues in the game and you will have to set missions, prepare the mandatory items, plan your orders and your team will be ready to redeem them.


The sensation and wonder that comes with the life of a paramedic are beautifully combined in the grandiose simulation games. In this game, you can act out your best or worst ideas, saving lives, catching criminals, putting out fires, helping people, arriving at crime scenes on time and creating unforgettable memories along the way. If you like role-playing games, you will definitely love the gameplay and features of this game. With this game you can command technical personnel, police officers, paramedics, hospital doctors, firefighters and much more.


EMERGENCY HQ is a tactical simulation and role-playing game. But you are not a normal civilian, but a task force commander of the fire brigade. The main mission is to deal with city emergencies and manage a hardworking staff and modern advanced vehicles. Being present at the right time, doing the right thing at extremely high speed, that is the success factor of this game.


* Gather your rescue team
Gather your team of rescue warriors to protect the people of the city from all kinds of emergencies.

* Fight the chaos
Deploy your team and use all technologies and other services to use the websites properly.

* Challenging accidents
Find countless accidents every day while thousands of missions are waiting for you to solve them. However, you will encounter obstacles such as: B. if you run out of water, fuel or other necessities. So you have to be prepared for whatever comes.

* Build your headquarters and join others
There are many rescue workers in the city besides you, so join them in missions. Also, build up your headquarters so you can communicate effectively and efficiently with the rest of the world.

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