Dust & Neon v1.0 MOD (full version) APK

Dust & Neon v1.0 MOD (full version) APK

Action , Games

Developer :
Netflix, Inc.

2.7/5 - (8 votes)

Descriptions :

Dust & Neon is a brand new game from the famous Netflix publisher. It was only released about a month ago, but many players are interested in this game, making it a very hot keyword on Steam. Dust & Neon has appeared on many different platforms such as Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch and even Steam.

The game starts a journey of Dust & Neon and offers a short presentation. Accordingly, the dialogue describes a scientist named Dr. Finkel, who creates an army of cloned cowboys from a piece of old body parts. Your task is to prevent its spread in four specific areas.

Basically, their intention is to let assassins in Stetson hats do all the killing while Dr. Finkel creates new technologies from killed robot fragments. Stopping him and the robots is certainly not easy. Be ready with guns if you don't want to be defeated by them.


At least the gameplay of Dust & Neon can be grasped immediately. Your task is to look around for opponents in a fixed perspective that is sometimes reminiscent of the Weird West game. Players hide behind available objects and jump out to aim and explode anything that moves on the screen. When the gun runs out of ammo, it needs to be reloaded manually, you need to reload one by one. Each random weapon has different sized brackets. As such, some weapons may need to continuously reload while others may fire a few more shots.

Many different weapons in Dust & Neon for you to experience. Pistols, pistols and rifle types will soon be unlocked to discover and use, with more powerful versions of each available for purchase between levels. You can also find some useful gear with high stats in the loot boxes. However, the relatively limited and unexpanded supply is a pretty big deal. You have to arrange the messy ammo boxes to make more space for weapons.

Dust & Neon has a relatively interesting quest system and you have to be really serious if you want to overcome it. In these missions, the player glides past three long trains running parallel to each other, obliterates every enemy train car, takes money, and then quickly moves elsewhere. Sabotage missions, on the other hand, require traversing huge maps in search of power plants and battling waves of enemies. Press the button to destroy two energy tiles before moving on to the next.

The most interesting is probably the boss fight mission. W. Elder is a prime example. An oligarch with a penchant for locking players in a room with varying configurations of moving lasers and spiked floors. You'll have to skilfully slip through if you don't want those lasers cutting into lots of pieces. Each boss fight in Dust & Neon unlocks more difficult versions for later encounters, which also requires the player to continuously level up to keep up.

Many familiar features will appear in Dust & Neon. Specifically, it includes permanent weapon unlocks, base and character upgrades, and some expensive optional random tools that bring novel effects. Dust & Neon has carefully researched its genre and recreated what players can expect, overcoming the limitations of previous games in terms of world texture, variety of mission objectives… With the latest developments, this game is sure to bring exciting experiences to players .

Features :

* Shoot, kill, reload, repeat. Enjoy twin stick action in this shoot 'em up where players spawn in their home base, gear up, upgrade and then choose a mission to fight.
* Death is only the beginning. Improve your character over countless runs (and deaths).
* Choose from a variety of different mission types including: Kill All, Train Heist and Sabotage Objective. Always keep an eye out for cash and better weapons - the quest for better loot fuels mission progress.
* Experience unique boss fights. As you advance in the game, level up and level up, get closer to going head-to-head with the next boss in line!

Last words about Dust & Neon

Dust & Neon has a very interesting idea when it comes to combining the well-known western cowboy theme with modern mechanical robots. Complete the mission to take back the land occupied by robots. Lots of skills, weapons and modern equipment will help you win against all types of enemies, even with the most advanced technology. Have fun with Dust & Neon!

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First, click the download button, the APK file will be downloaded automatically.
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Go to your mobile settings, click Security, then Unknown Resources.

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