Driving School Sim 2020 v10.13 MOD (Unlimited Money) APK + DATA

Descriptions :

Driving School Sim - 2020 (Unlimited Money) - a qualitative representative of such a genre as a parking simulator, of course, this direction is quite widespread on mobile platforms, and most of the games are similar to each other. The creators of Driving School Sim decided to use all the possibilities of gadgets to the full, and therefore, on the basis of popular mechanics, they created an impressive open world with the ability to interact with real players, dozens of different modes, hundreds of tasks and missions will make the gameplay noticeably more varied. Particular attention was paid to the development and diversity of the vehicles, so you can drive from the usual car to the tow truck, of course, every vehicle can be tuned.\


Present in your secret treasure a huge collection of cars with more than 150 and growing every week - the father of the vehicles of the most famous high-end and luxury brands in the world. In addition, the collection includes a variety of car models that players are free to choose when participating in a new race or track, including drive sports cars, SUVs, sedans, supercars, hypercars, and hatchbacks.


Driving School Sim - 2020 welcomes the entry of players and opens up a huge virtual world of consecutive cities. You come here not only to satisfy your passion, but also to travel in all four directions and enjoy the unique beauty of nature. You are truly immersed in highways surrounded by mountains, roads covered in white snow or even deserts covered in golden sand.


More than 80 levels with different challenges according to increasing difficulty are waiting for you to come and conquer. These difficulties come from competitors. In the first levels you will mostly meet new drivers who are still inexperienced, but in higher levels your opponent will become difficult. Most of them are old racers who have been wandering the world for decades.


The unique feature that only Driving School Sim - 2020 offers you is the diverse game mode system. So far the game allows you to enter into three modes: freeride mode, racing mode, learning mode. You want to visit the countryside and admire the race of the participants, but not participate directly; Choose the first mode completely freely. If you are bored and want to join the race immediately, do not hesitate to press the button to select the race mode. Finally, if you want to win against your opponent besides the actual competition, you're constantly adding knowledge when you participate in the learning mode.


Not only that, Driving School Sim – 2020 builds more multiplayer that allows you to challenge your friends in special racing events. Besides, you can also invite them to participate in the Free Ride, a smooth ride through a beautiful landscape that is all about cars.


When you come to Fahrschul-Sim – 2020 courses, you are familiar with manual and clutch transmissions. We guide you from simple to professional operation with a shift lever or automatic transmission. In addition, you can command and control the car's control system with unique options, whether the player wants to drive with tilt, buttons, or even a touch-sensitive steering wheel system. In addition, we now have an ingenious automatic driving function that promises you great experiences.

Features :

* More than 150 cars to test drive, new ones are added regularly!
* There are many large, detailed and realistic maps.
* The handling of the car is smooth and realistic
* There are different tests on each city map!
* There are more than 80 difficult levels.
* Free ride mode, racing mode and learning mode are all available.
* Racing and Free Ride are two of the online multiplayer modes available.
* Detailed vehicle interiors with ambient lighting
* The damage system has been improved.
* Gasoline system with the possibility of refilling at gas stations
* Transmission with clutch in manual mode
* Tilt steering, buttons and a touch steering wheel are available.
* Leaderboards and achievements are available online.
* Real engine sounds have been added.
* weather conditions in the future
* You can request new maps and cars on our social media accounts!
* Controller support so you can play with your gamepad!

Driving School Sim MOD features:

Unlimited Money: You have a lot of money in the game.

last words

Driving School Sim 2020 MOD APK brings you the cracked driving school sim version to download. It is a very realistic driving simulation game with high definition graphic design and image quality. The game comes with rich game tracks and various tasks. This allows you to drive flexibly and put your excellent driving skills to the test.

There are over 150 cars available for purchase. And there are over 80 levels to challenge. Buttons, gears, steering wheel and other settings are all available. They also shore up reality to restore it. If you like it, download it quickly.

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