Dragons Titan Uprising v1.25.10 MOD (Menu) APK

Dragons Titan Uprising v1.25.10 MOD (Menu) APK

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Ludia Inc.

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Dragons Titan Uprising immerses you in the world of great dragons, where you control them. This is an exciting puzzle game; Players must complete the grand challenge assigned. After choosing the dragons of our team, let's move on to the next task. Players have to find stones of the same color and match them. Once combined, it is also the power to destroy other great uncles in this world.


You can choose the team to fight. Each team will have an army of dragons. At first, they were just a bunch of small, pretty, and light kites. Through many successful battles, you can upgrade your dragon team to true titans. Your opponent in each match will be a team of three dark dragons from the opposing side. You will use the power of the magically colored bricks on the match 3 puzzle board in the center of the screen to perform powerful moves for your team.

Your task now is to enter the world of dragons and select powerful dragons. The dragons you choose must combine the elements of strength, intelligence, and thinking ability to create a super powerful squad. Your squad can consist of 3 or 5 dragons and is tasked with protecting this mysterious land. Of course, we can't avoid other teams wanting to attack to take that control.

Each round in Dragons: Titan Uprising has a puzzle. Our task is to combine stones of the same color to find strength. However, the dragons of the other team are growing day by day and we have to destroy them. The more time we give them, the harder it will be to destroy them, since it takes a tremendous amount of power.

While we puzzle, our dragons are tasked with collecting valuable gifts. These gifts will be the hidden power that will help us win easily. Most importantly, when we win, our dragons become more vital than ever. And thanks to this we can open the next island. As a result, Dragons: Titan Uprising keeps creating exciting things for the players. Dramatic puzzle moments, great death moments were present in this game. We have the opportunity to win spectacularly, so we can help the dragons open new doors. Stepping through this door will take you to a beautiful new world.


Choose a legendary puzzle RPG dragon battle team from nearly 100 dragons and lead them on an epic quest to save Berk. Compete against 3, 4 or 5 dragons and match 3 or more runestones in over 750 unique puzzle RPG battles while crushing enemies with your dragons' spirit abilities!

Hatch eggs and breed wild dragons in your very own dragon hatchery. Nurture your brood of tiny babies, then marvel at the legendary titan wings they become!

Discover new regions and dungeons beyond Berk Island as you experience a brand new quest to become an RPG Puzzle Champion! Use your loot from epic dragon battles to expand your empire by upgrading and building new structures!

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