Diner DASH Adventures v1.44.0 MOD (Unlimited Coins + Cash) APK


Diner DASH Adventures is a restaurant management and simulation game. Players accompany Flo - the main character of the game - to cook and build the most famous restaurant in town. Millions of people are currently playing Diner DASH Adventures. Join her cooking, experience the story with Flo and cook the best dishes yourself!

Have you ever thought about being a talented chef and serving dinner for the most famous people? Surely many people feel interesting because of this and want to experiment once in their lives. If that is the case then you should not hesitate to choose Diner DASH Adventures for the game you are about to play. At least you will enjoy watching it for half a year; it can even become your go-to entertainment tool.


The game begins with an unlikely scene in a small town where everything was destroyed because at first we thought it was a tornado. However, there is something fishy about it as things have been somehow intentionally corrupted. First and foremost, together with Flo and Cookie, you rebuild your destroyed city and bring it back to the life it once had. In addition, you also have to keep your restaurant, the diner, running and generating profits. Use the money you earn to upgrade the restaurant and improve the food. Keep going to grow your business and collect money to rebuild your city.

As you continue to advance, you will discover hidden secrets behind your city's sabotage. It's your job to put an end to this and bring peace back to your beloved city.

Play the story, serve and build
Diner DASH Adventures is a successful product from the Glu publisher, popular on Google Play with many successful games. This product is a new project of theirs that has been invested very carefully and has produced quite a satisfactory result. Although it's only in the pre-registration phase, it's garnered a lot of attention from players worldwide. There were even comments and expectations from public forums like GameBraves or Toucharcade.

Go to the kitchen to cook, match and serve
In the game, players play as the girl Flo, a young and enthusiastic cook. After some time away from home, countless events happened to the country where she grew up. When the girl returned, she was largely destroyed. With a small restaurant, she must use her talent and knowledge to recover her homeland.

Cook favorite dishes
Diner DASH Adventures features hundreds of recipes from around the world. You can serve your customers breakfast with quick and light dishes such as donuts, cakes, burgers, fresh milk, omelettes or hot dogs. Lunch and dinner can be more complicated when customers want to enjoy a steak, roast chicken, or other meat dishes that require care and cooking techniques. Then your cooking talent will show itself.

Decorate and upgrade areas in the city
First, we will talk about the restaurant - where you currently work and manage. Diner DASH Adventures offers a variety of unique furniture and decorative items. You can replace this old debris with more modern equipment. Turn the empty front yard into a garden shed for guests to enjoy their meal.


* Get cooking fever with hundreds of fast-paced levels.
* Fun cooking games with hundreds of customizable foods, recipes and menus.
* Tap to cook food, serve customers and manage your restaurant.
* Match groceries to customer orders.
* Design and renovate restaurants, gardens, houses, cruise ships, mansions and more.
* Renovate an entire city and choose your favorite decorations.
* Choose from thousands of design and decor combinations.
* Cute pets you can collect.
* From Gordon Ramsay's Restaurant DASH to Cooking DASH to Wedding DASH, Hotel DASH and more. Play the latest and greatest game in the DASH series.
* A casual game classic - DASH games have been downloaded millions of times!

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