Demolition Derby 3 v1.1.118 MOD (Unlimited Money) APK

Demolition Derby 3 v1.1.118 MOD (Unlimited Money) APK

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Whether you're interested in a racing event or not, I think you've heard of the "Demolition Derby" once or twice. It is a motor event presented at fairs or festivals and consists of more than five cars crashing into each other. The last survivor gets the victory. Sounds fun right? If you want to try this feeling, Demolition Derby 3 is ready for you.

After the success of Demolition Derby 2, Beer Money Games decided to release a sequel to one of the most popular racing games. Released in December 2018, Demolition Derby 3 still consists of many of the same features from its origin, but with special and surprising aspects and upgrades.


If you are familiar with the Demolition Derby event, or perhaps have attended it, you must have understood the process and rules of the event. Demolition Derby 3 system works similar to the real event, you are one of the racers along with other opponents fighting for the highest prize. In real life, demolition derby is a dangerous sport and can lead to injuries. Still, you have nothing to lose in this game title.

In Demolition Derby 3, there are many game modes for players to experience and enjoy destroying other cars. The core of the game is to drive at high speed and crush your rivals in a fair fight. They can't hurt you, but if your car gets badly damaged, you'll lose the race.

Before you start the racing engine in Demolition Derby 3, you'll be trained through a series of racing frames of increasing difficulty. After mastering the controls, you will experience breathtaking racing. The game requires players to have lightning speed and skills to negotiate dangerous turns. This will help you outperform your opponent on the track in the most spectacular way.

Demolition Derby 3 offers players a variety of cars to customize to your liking. You can change details like color, style or parts according to your style. Equip your car with powerful engines to get you to your destination as fast as possible. You don't need to worry if changing the car's appearance will decrease the car's speed; it absolutely doesn't happen. The car to the destination sooner or later depends on your skills. And the most important thing to keep your supercar running smoother is to take it to the workshop for service. Free restoration is done fast and useful for you to fix the damage on your car.

Demolition Derby 3 is equipped with diverse racing system to keep players satisfied. The roads have different characteristics, challenges and scenes that will bring you many new feelings. You can quickly learn the terrain of the socks through the map displayed on the screen before jumping into the speed race. Knowing the information about each route can help reduce the risk of unexpected turns. In addition, the game will add a challenge for you when the weather changes erratically. It will have a negligible impact on your movement, so you'll need to adapt quickly.

At the beginning of the game you will see 4 buttons for controlling the car and the number of opponents on the screen. You must take care to master the use of control films, e.g. B. left to increase gas and brake, right to let the car pass left and right. Players will want to turn the steering wheel to hug the page. Just hold down either control button. Once you master all the controls, you will master the game the fastest. Accompanied when you receive surprise gifts that give you instant acceleration, armor protection, rockets, etc.


* Fun and intense gameplay
A tutorial is not required for this game if you have previously played Demolition Derby 2 as the same concept is retained. Your main goal is to win every race you enter and earn the most rewarding prize. There are three different control modes that you can select and change through the options menu.

* Game modes
There are three types of modes in total: Campaign, Quick Play, Multiplayer Quick Match. Other racers are just as competitive as you are, remember to control your speed and know when to turn and avoid obstacles.

* Accessories and equipment
There is a variety of cars, colors, upgrades, gear, etc. to choose from before and between races. There are over seventy cars in Demolition Derby 3 and the most popular ones are like 1986 Audi 5000, 1978 Chevrolet Corvette, Ferrari F40, etc. Be wise and choose the fastest and most powerful car because not every great one can win the fight. The higher the rank of the car, the greater your chances of winning (of course, you also need to know how to control the car stably and have a strategy).

* Graphics
Even when Demolition Derby 3 was released in 2018, the game still retains the old graphics of its two previous origins. In my opinion, I prefer a racing game with smoother resolution and brighter colors like Gangstar Vegas or Alpha, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with this game. In fact, Demolition Derby is always warmly welcomed, which has led to the release of the third part of the game.

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