Cut the Rope Magic v1.23.0 MOD (Mod Crystals/Hints) APK

Descriptions :

Cut the Rope: Magic (Crystals/Hints) - Your ever-hungry Am Nyam returns to the screens of your Android devices again. An evil wizard stole all your sweets and carried them to his kingdom of hunger, follow him and return all sweets. Solve the many puzzles that the wizard has come up with and help your hero put everything back in its place. The graphics in this game have greatly improved compared to the previous one, the puzzles have become more complex, and your hero is even hungrier. Help him solve the puzzles and return all the candy.

Cut the Rope: Magic - an intriguing puzzle game from ZeptoLab, which partly resembles its predecessors, but has some unique features and changed gameplay. The main change is that the main character of the game can now transform into other characters.

The new version as part of the gameplay is a little different from the original. The user still has to cut the ropes to get the treasured candy canes falling on the protagonist. But this time the levels are so different that it's not enough to offend me. So there are often levels where the game can become a small bird that can fly at low altitude, or a fish that swims perfectly in the water.

These skills allow you to successfully navigate Cut the Rope: Magic without getting stuck at certain stages. Very often the figure is hung on a rope or tied to a specific design. In the most difficult moments, you can use hints, the number of which is limited. As in the previous parts of the puzzle, you must collect three stars with it in each level, no matter how they are combined with candies or Am nyamom.

The graphics became livelier and more beautiful, the animation smoother. Almost all elements of the user interface have been redrawn, which immediately catches the eye. The office remained unchanged, same touch and swipe motion.

Features :

* A magical world with completely new graphic, sound and game elements
* 6 ways to turn Om Nom into magical creatures on his journey
* Complex boss levels that will challenge your candy munching and rope cutting skills
* The bird shape helps Om Nom fly over obstacles and potential traps
* The baby form allows Om Nom to squeeze into small, confined spaces
* The fish shape can help Om Nom dive deep to snatch all the delicious candies
* The mouse form gives Om Nom a heightened sense of smell to help him sniff out the sweets he craves
* The ghost form ensures that nothing stands in the way of Om Nom on his magical journey
* Dragon form summons a powerful sneeze that blows everything up

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