Crash Fever v7.5.0.10 MOD (High Attack + Monster Low Attack) APK

Crash Fever v7.5.0.10 MOD (High Attack + Monster Low Attack) APK

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WonderPlanet Inc.

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Crash Fever - is one of the most popular role and puzzle games today. There is pretty simple, classic gameplay. To gain experience, simply select players to join or disconnect. Your task in this game will be to find on the way to connect up to 6 six small parts in a fantasy world. From there, make a decisive blow against the opponent. You must use your available skills to make the right decision at the right time and skillfully dodge these enemy attacks. Do your best, wait until the end to become the only survivor of the war, and you will receive attractive rewards from the game.

A simple twist on match-style gameplay that is fun. Take part in regular quests or try your hand at a variety of challenges. With Crash Fever, you'll find new challenges, limited event quests, fun daily quests, and more every week.

The core of Crash Fever is not only a puzzle game, but also a hero collecting game. It seems similar to Puzzle & Dragons, but instead of dragons, you will collect some anime-like characters. To play this game, create a squad consisting of four units. Then take these units with you on quests. Each quest will have separate phases, but all require the same method of play. Usually you have to fight the enemy until you meet the boss. After defeating the boss, you win and go to the next stage. But how can you control your units to attack?

Easy, you just have to pop a ball on the field. If you explode the balls that match your character's color, you'll get bonus damage. And you should remember the mechanics of rock-paper-scissors. In this game, fire beats grass; Grass beats electricity, electricity beats water, and water beats fire. If you follow this rule, everything in the game will become a piece of cake.

Keep in mind that completing quests will not level up your units. You must provide them with material units and bits in order to level up. How can you get these materials? Do not worry; After each level you are rewarded with materials, units and bits that are used to improve your rank and units.

Apart from the regular quests, you can also get some limited time ranks and units through the event quests. However, in order to do these event quests, you must be level 30 or higher. Also, you have to earn polygons through thousand missions. Polygons are a type of currency that you can buy with real money. It may sound expensive, but you'll use Polygons to buy a lot of powerful units.

Finally, the feature that makes this game so outstanding is that you can choose to complete stages with other players. Honestly, you can create a room, then people will join in, and everyone will surely control a different character. This seems to be the selling point of this game.

Overall, this game is perfectly blended between puzzle and role-playing adventure factors. Crash Fever's gameplay is simple, but it requires players to prepare an appropriate strategy based on the gameplay. Also, the gameplay is unique when it offers players a brand-new experience and incorporates many factors from other games. In addition, all the characters in the game also play a crucial role for the players. They have fun and beautiful styles with colorful and eye-catching costumes.

The story you experience in Crash Fever takes place in a world called Alice. Presently, this world is in turmoil because of those affecting its system. So you will be the one to oppose this influence with your units through impressive and tactical battles. Surely, you will not be able to ignore the attack effects and the beauty that this world possesses in the first experience.

You control four units, including three units from your team and one helper from another player. During the game, you will constantly match panels of different colors, so the character accumulates attacks and launches absolutely impressive sources of energy at the enemies. Also, this attack will periodically fire every three of your matches. It can be said that in these three times, the number of squares that match determines the strength of your attack.

You'll be the first to go at the start of Crash Fever, and the screen is split in half. The top half is the characters you control and the enemies you face. The bottom half are the fields that you will match. The mapping work is straightforward, you have to tap it and the same items that are close to each other will appear as a link. Additionally, if you match multiple panels, you'll get a crash panel that triggers each character's abilities.

As mentioned above, after a triple tap, the character will automatically attack with what you provide. Next to the character's portrait, you will see a number that increases according to the fields you linked. At the same time, panels of the same color as the character will help the character increase attacks, and you need to prioritize colors related to the character. In addition, there is an exceptional field that allows you to increase a certain amount of health in battle, the heart field.

In Crash Fever, players will find a completely diverse character system with different traits and abilities. This creates specific tactics before you even start the game, as you select characters with formidable abilities to aid teammates or damage enemies. At the same time, these characters all follow a counter system corresponding to their attributes. This is red, green, yellow, blue, and the front element counters the back one, and you have to choose the right target in battle.

With a diverse character system, you will no doubt spend time collecting these characters, and there are many ways to do it. One of them summons them through the gacha mechanic, and getting a rare character comes with an impressive effect.

* Simple one-tap controls let you quickly connect pieces together or unleash a barrage of bombs.
* Regular quests, limited event quests and much more every week.
* Solo or co-op multiplayer action with up to four players. Work together, strategize and attack!
* A fun-loving community of gamers! Join and invite friends or meet new ones on quests.
* Collect, upgrade and awaken your characters to build the ultimate party.
* Team up with units from demons, samurai, dragons, mechs, fantasy tribes and more.
* Complete weekly and special missions to get exciting bonuses.
* Unleash plate-breaking chain reactions, over-the-top animations and frantic fever mode!
* Addicting puzzle and role-playing fun. Combine them and smash them!

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