Clean Road v1.6.44 MOD (Unlimited Coins) APK

Clean Road v1.6.44 MOD (Unlimited Coins) APK

Games , Simulation

Developer :
SayGames Ltd

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Descriptions :

Clean Road (Unlimited Coins) : fascinating arcade snowmobile control simulator. According to the authors' idea, a big snowstorm broke out in your hometown, and now only you can help people get out of their homes and get to work. Extremely simple controls, stylish polygonal graphics, a development system and achievements, and exciting gameplay that will appeal to all arcade fans

Touch and drag to control the snow plow.

This is a fairly new game product from publisher SayGames. We can easily find many casual games designed with different content. One of their hottest products (which is also working on car themes) has reached over 10 million downloads. Even the product I make with Clean Road category got me a million downloads on this most popular and popular Android game download platform.

In general, in a casual game like this, players can't ask too much about the graphics. But actually, designs in 3D format with fun and eye-catching colors are still used. For a car that starts you have a regular red car but depending on how much you own you are free to customize your vehicle. In addition, the environment design is also exciting and attractive, not just pure blizzards. Also, the UI updates every time there's a new event, which brings a fun difference. For example Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving, …

playing style

As mentioned above, in Clean Road you become a hero. But this hero will not fight monsters or sacrifice anything, but of course clear snow. But clearing snow is also one of the great challenges that everyone has to face. With your nice little red car (there will be a bar in front of you to clear the snow) you have to pave the way for people here to get out and move to places they need. As you open the road, many cars will queue up behind you.

Features :

street hero

In Clean Road you play a hardworking and friendly snow cleaner. Your task is also quite simple. Driving a giant bulldozer to push the snow blocks gobbles up everyone's road. Everyone is trapped in their house. They cannot go to work, go to school or do anything else and are waiting for your rescue. Help them quickly and become the hero of the whole neighborhood.

Basically, if you're moving snow from house to house, people's cars will follow you. If you lead them to the main roads, the mission will be complete. On the way, however, not only dense snow cover. There are countless obstacles that will hinder you. At this time, you have to slow down and you can get stabbed behind your back by rushing people's cars. The mission failed. So train your finger well to avoid these obstacles.
Many tasks have to be done

In Clean Road there are countless tasks that you must complete. First you have to pass different levels of the game. The higher the level, the harder it gets with lots of obstacles at once and more cars to save. However, you can certainly smash through small obstacles to save time. Or you can zigzag to avoid obstacles and not miss people. But in an emergency, skipping some cars will not affect the outcome of the game. So you not only have to be a hardworking cleaner, but also an experienced driver.

Besides the big challenges in each level, you can also complete daily tasks. This brings you more bonuses. In addition, the quest will be constantly changing in the game. After clearing the snow and ice, you may need to clear the streets full of straw. It's also a new experience, isn't it?


After each completed mission in Clean Road you will receive a bonus. The amount of bonuses you get depends on the difficulty as well as the number of people you save. So try to complete the task as thoroughly as possible! For what? There are many super big bulldozers waiting for you to unlock them. Earn big money to own many of these bulldozers. Imagine driving a giant bulldozer and countless cars following. You will feel like a captain leading your convoy. And everyone will treat you as their savior.


It's a simple game, so Clean Road's graphics are also quite smooth. With fun cartoon images and lively sounds, the game recreates everyday life in the most honest way. In this game, people are rushing and waiting for work. It's also where peaceful landscapes lie with snowmen or scarecrow straw by the roadside. Simple experience but no less interesting.


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