Citytopia v3.0.49 MOD (Mod Money/Gold) APK

Citytopia v3.0.49 MOD (Mod Money/Gold) APK

Games , Simulation

Developer :
Reliance Entertainment Studios UK Pvt Ltd

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Descriptions :

The current games always follow the prevailing trend of youth. Games that involve player ideas always have their appeal for the player. For example building games, creating a place for you, according to your ideas and interests. Citytopia is your very own new city building game with new ideas. The related series isn't too popular; This is a brand new game for gamers especially those who prefer custom designs. Citytopia (Mod Money/Gold) The game provides the equipment and tools to build a dream city for players. The game helps players unleash their thinking and creativity while experiencing. All game ideas are taken from the current trends to create the game. Develop the city in the best and most special way according to individual preferences. It's beautiful, isn't it!


Citytopia® is a game feature that allows players to build cities and towns based on their plans and drawings. The game allows players to build pieces one by one. Unlock neighbors to improve the city your way. The drawing will be players in the game to bring the design to their dream city. The means of transportation: ships, vehicles, planes,... are created to ensure that this is the perfect simulation of a modern developed city. Citytopia (MOD, Unlimited Money) The game colors are brought into the skyscrapers by the players to give the city bright colors. These colors bring diversity to our city. The graphics for this game are really admirable, because this beautiful, modern city is made even more special thanks to the graphics. Graphics are an integral part of games, especially games that involve color and architecture like this one. The graphics make the game more fabulous than ever.


Players will use their personal skills to build a perfect city. The brilliant ideas of individual players are brought in as awards and differentiate one city from another. There will be no similarities between the cities as there will be no overlapping of ideas. The gameplay is quite simple. Players can build and color the buildings and equipment in the city with just simple manipulations. Train tracks, ships and planes are also included in the game, making the game more alive than ever. Citytopia (Mod Money/Gold) Citytopia® is a real city mapping game that gets the most positive reviews from the vast majority of players. Besides, players also perform the task and complete the game's challenge to get rewards from there. Collect the collection to open another item to the next: nearby neighborhoods, decorations, vehicles and buildings. The player must try to collect and find the tools to unlock them and advance to the higher level of the game.


Citytopia® features have always surpassed other games along the same lines. The graphics have a special feature, the graphics make the game have a lot of searches on game forums. The game allows players to build a dream city based on the player's unique idea. Airports and car stations will also be built based on the real world to increase the authenticity of the player experience. Citytopia (MOD, Unlimited Money) The buildings are really excellent in color and structure, and the players can give free rein to their passion and creativity. Build fantastic buildings and cities to satisfy the most demanding players. Collecting cards to unlock buildings, furnishings and modern vehicles is very important. Players are free to design and get the game's interior to increase the player's richness of experience.


Such a great game should be experienced by the players and challenged with their own ideas and styles. Graphics and features really shouldn't be missing. The specialty of the game lies in the great features of the game. Players should experience it, feel the game directly, so that there will be accurate reviews of the game. Citytopia (Mod Money/Gold) Citytopia® is the combination of real models introduced into the game. Therefore, the game always brings absolute authenticity to the player. The experiences are therefore also authentic. Models of airports, bus stations, trains, planes, ... are carefully invested to meet every player's needs. Added to this are the city's unique configurations, which are designed and brought into play by the player.

Features :

Collect and customize hundreds of buildings, vehicles and more

Level up your traits to do more

Beautify your city with parks and attractions

Attract more citizens and keep them happy

Improve transportation by expanding your fleet of trucks and buses

Earn rare and epic maps like towering skyscrapers and modern stadiums

Complete constantly changing missions

Citytopia MOD features:

Unlimited Money: You have a lot of money and gold when you open the game.

Why should you play the MOD version?

Buy quality items.
Skip the waiting time when upgrading or constructing a building.
You don't have to watch ads to make money.
Quickly build cities to your liking.

Last words about Citytopia

Citytopia is based on 3D graphics and bright colors. They are designed in great detail, emphasizing the civilization and modernity of city life. The addictive gameplay will keep you playing for hours. Talented future engineers, let Citytopia download and build your own city

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How to Download and Install Citytopia?

First, click the download button, the APK file will be downloaded automatically.
Locate the downloaded APK file in your phone's Downloads folder and open it to install.
Go to your mobile settings, click Security, then Unknown Resources.

Now open the app and enjoy.