Cats & Soup Cute idle Game v2.36.0 MOD (Unlimited Money) APK

Descriptions :

A family and even a community of adorable cats live together. They will be the unique extended family at all, where each cat has specific tasks and most importantly cooks and cooks delicious soups for themselves. Cats & Soup is a game that you shouldn't miss if you're an animal lover and a cat lover in particular. A place where you can own different cats with many different species.

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Surely you have never imagined entering a fairy garden where there are beautiful cats of different species. If that's your wish, don't hesitate to jump straight into Cats & Soup - the dream world of cat lovers. When you officially come to this game, you will enter a dreamy forest where your dear cats are. You will meet all kinds of famous cats in the world and in this game they will be yours.

To emphasize each cat's personality, consider changing their costumes regularly. Each cat will bring their own advantages to work and beautify your forest, so don't hesitate to brush them up. Players are free to change the appearance of any cat that appears in the game by regularly changing their costumes. Beautiful pastel pink dresses are for the female cats and cool jeans for the boys. And of course, players can also replace and add various accessories for the cats.

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In Cats & Soup you own a forest with tons of different cats; Name them all so you can discern and name another intimate path. Each cat will have its own personality and identity, so all you have to do is name them according to your preferences. In addition, players can also preserve memories of their dear cats by taking photos of them. Any action, facial expression or daily activity can be recorded with frames.

If you give something, you will surely get the same or even more valuable things in return. In Cats & Soup, players receive sincere hearts from their lovely cats. It is seen as a reward or thank you that they give you. You can get the fish you deserve by feeding them. Players earn fish from small challenges and give them away to cats.

Every design from the sound to the image of this game is more realistic than ever. From there you also feel maximum relaxation when you enjoy the "chilled" atmosphere in the forest with the cats. Every sound in this game realistically simulates the cute sounds of cats in action. Players can zoom in on cats cooking to see their facial expressions.

This is a game suitable for all ages and you can experience it no matter where you are since every control of this game is done with an easy to use form. During participation, you should regularly visit the cats and conveniently collect the items that appear. The more ingredients you collect, the more cat ingredients and recipes you will get.

Features :

* The cat world is like a fairy tale with a variety of cats living in the same forest.
* Customize the look of cats by changing costumes or adding accessories.
* Name the cats to easily distinguish them and capture their beautiful moments.
* Regain the cats' love by feeding them fish you catch in the mini-games.
* Collect many items to get more ingredients and recipes for the cats.

Cats & Soup MOD features:

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Last words about Cats & Soup

Well, in general, playing Cats & Soup will make you feel completely relaxed. You can turn on and play this game anywhere, anytime: before bed, at the beginning of a new day, during school holidays or on the bus. It's so gentle, doesn't require anything complicated, doesn't have a super stressful task. Cats & Soup is as simple as its name.

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Disconnect from the internet before opening the MOD version, otherwise you will get a notification to update the new version.

After following the steps according to the instructions above, you will be able to connect to the internet while playing.

How to Download and Install Cats & Soup?

First, click the download button, the APK file will be downloaded automatically.
Locate the downloaded APK file in your phone's Downloads folder and open it to install.
Go to your mobile settings, click Security, then Unknown Resources.
Buy anything you want with real money (gems, items, umbrellas, fairy tree…).
Install Update Package version (do not remove MOD version) to update to the latest version with MOD version data.