Castle Crush Epic Battle v6.3.1 MOD (Unlimited Money) APK

Castle Crush Epic Battle v6.3.1 MOD (Unlimited Money) APK

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Castle Crush Epic Battle  Free Strategy Games  game mechanics that combine a number of elements, here and trading card strategy, tactical strategy from the line of defensive towers, as well as a tactical action with elements of wall-to-wall battles. The gameplay is the following: after collecting the required number of card players, you can start the battle, placing warriors on the field and trying to destroy all enemies. If the battle goes by your rules, then there will be no problems, but if you let the enemy through the wall of 40 different types of troops, you will have to further protect the walls of the citadel, behind which the main secrets of your state are hidden.

Great combination of RPG and strategy

Castle Crush is an excellent combination of RPG and strategy. Many people like the RPG genre because the RPG genre offers a high level of customization. Players can create their favorite characters. In addition, RTS (tactical genre) is also a preferred choice of gamers. The combination of RTS & RPG brings a lot of fun. Players can both control the character and create great strategies.

Castle Crush allows the player to control the character to attack enemies. The game uses cards and each card is a type of warrior. Players will use cards to fight. The game belongs to the real-time strategy genre. In each game the player can use five different types of cards. The game has three horizontal lanes. The player moves the card onto the lane to summon the monster.

Castle Crush has a simple gameplay. The player must destroy the opponent's castle to win. But the player must also fend off waves of enemy attacks. The enemy also wants to destroy the player's castle. Therefore, you need to use the right strategies to win.

Discover a variety of exciting maps

Castle Crush offers a variety of exciting maps. A large number of cards increases the variety of tactics. Players can collect and upgrade more than 40 different cards. In addition, you can summon many other characters: beautiful dryads, Viking warriors, mighty orcs or great dragons.

There are two different types of cards: warrior cards or spell cards. The game uses MP units as summoning energy. Using magic cards consumes a lot of MP. Warriors can fight for a long time (until they are destroyed) and each spell only works once. For example, using magic cards, the player can create a bolt of lightning or summon fire to burn down an entire street.

Castle Crush offers tactical variety. Players must develop their fighting style and lead the army to victory. You have to build a strong team of warriors and destroy the enemy's castle. You can use archers for ranged attacks, or you can use a Royale Golem to disrupt your opponent's strength, or you can use healing spells to bolster your army.

Many other interesting features

Castle Crush also supports online multiplayer. You can fight with many other players around the world. Of course, it would help if you put in a lot of effort to get to the top of the global leaderboard. After each successful game, players open chests to collect rewards such as money, warrior cards, monster cards, and new powerful spells. Of course, if you win the big games, you have a chance to get magical legendary cards.

Castle Crush has a user-friendly interface and detailed instructions for newbies. Players easily complete the top challenges. However, it would help if you practice a lot as the difficulty increases over time. You have to use different tactics to complete different challenges.

Castle Crush offers free day passes. Players can open chests with epic spells and get unique rewards. Of course, players can join the international arena at any time. You will clash with other professional players in epic matches.

The global battles are tough and you prepare the right strategy to win and claim the title. Players can also join legendary clans or create their own.

2D graphics in cartoon style

Castle Crush has high quality 2D graphics. Players feel like they are in a magical world. The game takes place in medieval fantasy. The game introduces gothic castles and unique warriors. The game graphics give the wild feeling of the fight. The characters have a variety of appearances

Features :

* Fight in epic duels and battles with other players
* Collect new powerful troops and monsters
* Destroy opponent's locks to unlock new cards
* Go through several levels all the way to the top
* Learn different battle tactics and strategies and become the ultimate champion
* Free day passes
* Open epic magic chests
* Earn trophies
* Join legendary clans
* Fun, intuitive mechanics
* Epic fighting games in real time
* Duel for free


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