Cash Inc Money Clicker Game & Business Adventure v2.4.12 MOD (Unlimited Money) APK


A beautiful clicker in which you have to become the richest in the world. At the beginning of the game you will be given a small shop that you need to develop. Once you've earned a lot of money you can redeem new stores and get even more profits.

In the gaming world, becoming a billionaire is nothing new. How about becoming a “Billion Billion Billionaires”? You must be wondering what it is, right? Join Cash, Inc. Bad Fame & Fortune Game, you will find out soon. Under the idle clicker genre, this colorful game takes the dream of owning a vast fortune to new heights.


Things start out humble as you try to revitalize a derelict building and turn it into a bustling mall. As you gain experience and wealth, you have the opportunity to add other companies to your portfolio and grow your net worth. Your goal is to become the most famous and richest business tycoon in the world. The best part is that you don't have a "chance" to lose in this game.

The speed of your wealth growth is entirely up to you, whether you want to move on to the next building quickly or enjoy it slowly. You can hire managers for each business to grow sales quickly, or oversee yourself at your own pace. Once the time machine is complete, you can travel to the future to amass more wealth or to the past to restore old buildings.


Hire a manager
Your company will be expanded through further extensions on the upper floors. In fact, one building consists of many shops with many branches, such as sushi restaurants, comic shops, media bureaus and multimedia bureaus, ...

Unlock new buildings
After unlocking a whole building you can start new buildings in other big cities like Paris, London, New York,…. Sure, the second buildings won't take too much effort since you already have experience.

Your profile
Cash Inc has a very interesting feature. If you access the profile area (about), you can see your overview. The surrounding numbers show your company's assets and rankings. You can see the numbers keep changing, so you can track your position on the richest billionaire chart.

Share of the developer
On your journey to build a fortune beyond your wildest dreams, you will meet a small cast of iconic characters. Stefan Damasena, Co-Founder and CEO of Alegium Development in Indonesia said: “Our players are really attached to the characters of Cash Inc. We are always excited when we get the news. Her messages express her love for these characters.”

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