Carrier Joe 3 History PREMIUM v0.32 MOD (Unlimited Money) APK


This is a fascinating and quite realistic multi-ton truck driving simulator with atmospheric two-dimensional graphics. In this sequel to the popular simulator series you will find even more trucks, trailers, locations and a well thought-out savings system!

In general, there are currently 13 large trucks in the game that can have up to 23 different trailers attached to them. There will be 16 unique types of cargo that can be transported on them, each having their own characteristics and requirements. You have to drive along four fairly large highways, along which there are a variety of buildings and structures, and the structure also changes noticeably, moving from dense green forests to desert landscapes.

Of course, during the game you need to transport cargo, which allows you to earn in-game currency and buy a new vehicle or trailer for yourself. The graphics in the game, although not very detailed, perfectly recreate and convey the atmosphere and help you to immerse yourself in the simulator!

The game is currently only integrated for Android devices but will soon be released for the iOS operating system in upcoming updates. The game publisher will be releasing more on other operating systems soon so that players can experience the most exciting feeling that the game brings.

Do you want a game that keeps repeating the same car throughout the game? Definitely not, and in Carrier Joe 3 History PREMIUM the car will be updated so that people can choose the car they want so as not to get bored while playing.

The publisher has updated the game with new versions to fix the flaws that the previous version didn't have and updated to offer the best experience to the players. Updating the new version also increases the difficulty of the game, making this game a perfect choice for those who want to complete challenging levels and increase the attractiveness.

Throughout the journey, players carry and carry things across roads on rough terrain, wittily experience the feeling of traveling between cities, peaceful and enchanting landscapes. The scenery of mountains and rivers brings a sense of relaxation and banishes fatigue along the way. Crossing thousands of roads when there are signs of running out of fuel, call service or refueling will be available soon; You need to worry if the fuel is making you sluggish.

Become a professional driver like a businessman, the game realistically simulates your driving process from vehicle selection, cargo transportation, fuel shortage and landscape run out. The truth is the road is rough and bumpy; You have to accelerate and move, brake quickly when you meet obstacles. This is a very realistic game; If you want to experience the feeling of being a professional driver, then this game is a perfect choice for you.


* Beautiful user interface, delicate design, players have a real experience
* The number of vehicles is large and varied, with a wide range of vehicles from cars to trucks to choose the vehicle you want
* Great data saving feature, so you don't have to worry about device capacity issues
* It is not too demanding on machine configuration, so many android devices can play well and smoothly
* Brings a sense of comfort and relaxation, like feeling the life of a real driver

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