Car Driving School Simulator v3.17.0 MOD (Money/Unlock) APK + DATA

Descriptions :

Car Driving School Simulator is a simulator that impresses with its realism. In it, the player controls different cars and improves the skills of the driver. This will drive many kilometers on city streets and perform a variety of tasks. So it is necessary to remember traffic rules and to acquire driving school knowledge. The user has a solid fleet of vehicles with more than two dozen machines, different types of control and camera positions while driving.

Watching people drive cars in movies, sometimes I want to control a four-wheeled vehicle with my own hands and confidently roll down the road. But life is not like a dream. For those of you who already have a knack for driving, all you have to do is put your hands on the wheel, read a few instructions, and you can feel a little more confident. But there are a few people, especially me, who are still struggling to learn to drive.

So far I haven't dared to get a driver's license.

So I decided to play a game before actually paying for school and putting my hands on the wheel. The initial criteria was that this game could be played on a tablet or a mobile device, so I could practice anywhere, anytime. The second criterion was specialization in learning to drive. It can't be the kind of super realistic driving games that aren't true in reality. In short, the purpose of gaming was to learn, not have fun.

After determining, I started to find the game. Honestly, the more I found, the more confused I became. There were countless driving or racing simulation games, but the one that really contained the necessary knowledge about legally compliant driving practice was too rare. Luckily I found this game when I was about to give up. After a few days of experience, I was very satisfied, so now I want to introduce it to everyone.

Car Driving School Simulator, for those who want to practice driving

This game is called Car Driving School Simulator. This is in my opinion the most realistic car driving game ever. Driving a car in real life is difficult with many operations, many rules. It's the same here. With such a set of strict restrictions, after playing, you will surely partially understand the operation and general principles of driving. Next, when you learn how to get a driver's license, it will be faster and less confusing.

First we need to select the car. Feel free to choose based on parameters of power, torque, traction and weight. There are twenty-eight types of vehicles that you can use to start learning to drive. Choose the right vehicle based on your current level or learning needs. There are: 4-seater, 5-seater, 16-seater cars, minibuses, big buses, trucks, pickups, racecars… I think it's better to choose the basic 4-seater type from scratch to be sure to be, and then slowly increase it to other genres.

Car Driving School Simulator for Android

After the vehicle selection screen comes the scene selection. This game can take you around the world. Up to seven detailed 3D scene maps allow you to try all types of roads and experience the thrill of driving. You can travel through California, Canada, Aspen, Las Vegas, New York, Miami, Tokyo... to experience the beauty of each place. According to each vehicle and map type that the player chooses, the game offers different missions. All tasks are displayed on the same screen. In this way, the game also causes players to gradually get used to the vehicle controls.

If you are not sure enough to go directly to the running track, you can go to the tutorial section (also in the map section). There will be specific instructions here on how to accelerate, how to step on the shifter, where to brake, where to find the fuel… It also takes a long time for a beginner like me to get to grips with the map. For those who are familiar with driving games, it can be said that the controls in this car driving school simulator game are the easiest in the world. The goal is for driving experience, realism, ease of use and intuition of control details are simulated very well.

Features :

* Drive over 28 amazing cars in this huge car collection and feel totally liberated. The game offers a wide range of cars. A powerful supercar and many sedans and pickups are needed.
* Dealing with artificial intelligence (AI) in real traffic. You can be sure because the AI ​​in this game is extremely good, the traffic is stable and smooth.
* The weather in the game can be synchronized with the weather in real life. It gives the impression of playing a real role-playing game.
* City streets are challenging enough without having to follow any rules. But it's not the only factor! Less frequented areas are used. To stop!
* Don't miss our new multiplayer feature after you're done with the single player objectives! Obey the law and get extra points. Compete against other players locally or globally!

Car Driving School Simulator MOD Features:

* Unlocked Cars
* Unlocked Paid Features

Car Driving School Simulator MOD

In short, Car Driving School Simulator is a driving practice game. After playing, you can be more than 70% sure in the practice part. The rest is owed to Steel Spirit and luck. I wish you a fun and dynamic driving experience.

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