Brain Test 3 Tricky Quests v1.56.07 MOD (Do not watch ads to get rewards) APK

Descriptions :

Brain Test 3 gives you special privileges so you can solve puzzles to find gems to save your father. This is an extraordinary puzzle game; The player will be the main character, an infant son looking for ways to help his father. There are puzzles along the way and you will see the effectiveness of these gift boxes. There will be good puzzles and attractive gifts in each box to create a unique feature for this game.


This game gives you a stream of positive thoughts and carries many of your hopes. You must face the big challenges that the game offers and complete them in order as quickly as possible. First and foremost, you must also win 6 gems to be able to buy the medicine to save your father's life. Your father is in critical condition and if you hesitate, the medication will not work and you will not be able to see your father.

However, Brain Test 3 always gives you a bunch of exciting and creative suggestions to absorb. The quizzes will come in many different forms, and the answers will likely come in many different ways as well. But you also put yourself at the center of the question in order to decode it as quickly as possible. In this game you go through different doors and on the way there are mysterious boxes. You will discover each box and there can be a good puzzle or gift inside.


The puzzles appear in order and bring surprises that players can feel most clearly. There are puzzles that require you to use your own thinking to integrate and come up with the most compelling answer. More specifically, there are times when you need to delve into this puzzle to find the culprit of the cases it contains. Surely Brain Test 3 will give you more hints and you need to observe their behavior to convict.

There are times when you must also use your knowledge to find answers. If you solve ten puzzles in a row, you win a game gem and expand your treasure trove. After collecting the gems you must store them in a secret box because enemies will also follow you and take this gem from you.


Players will also see the effective support that Brain Test 3 brings and you can use it depending on the cases you need. You always want to solve the most accessible puzzles, and the game also gives you hints to solve. You need to watch carefully, because the puzzles contain important milestones, and thanks to these elements you can find the most reasonable answers.

After collecting 6 precious gems, it's time to hurry up and buy medicine for your father. Along the way you will also meet good friends and even big enemies who want to stand in your way. But the game will always show people when you need help and you will be on your way to buy medicine. The game also allows you to meet your dad and bring you medicines that will help your dad be healthier than before.

Thereby Brain Test 3 helps you to show filial reverence towards your father and also shows flexibility in thinking. Players always find the quizzes interesting and you can feel the positive things there too. You will also conquer new spaces and find new truths to make life more meaningful. The game also gives you additional support features to help you overcome difficult landmarks.

Features :

* Tricky and breathtaking brain teasers.
* Reverse logic puzzles.
* Mysterious puzzles and riddles.
* Complicated dialogue and chat systems.
* Roleplay options.
* Your decisions matter.
* More than 100 levels.
* Teaches how to look at things from different perspectives.
* Simple and addicting gameplay.
* Improved graphics and animations.
* Story-oriented gameplay.
* Customization options with many costumes, pets and workshop improvements.
* Can be played with one hand.
* Playable offline.
* Completely free to download and free to play.
* Become your father's childlike son by finding enough gems to get his father's magic potion.
* Go to mysterious doors, picking up gift boxes along the way to open them and reveal many secrets inside.
* Puzzles of different shapes and genres are included to leave unique impressions on the players.
* It will give you a wide range of available suggestions or show you the most exciting puzzle paths to complete these significant challenges.
* Go into the happy world, search for yourself with magic stones and exchange certain medicines to save your father.

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