Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures v2024.2.0 MOD (Unlocked) APK + DATA

Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures - This is an exciting simulation game in which you can design your dream bedroom with Barbie and take part in exciting activities with her friends. In Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures, players build their own Barbie dream house. You are free to decorate your room with your favorite furniture and paint colors.

You can meet close friends and pets, take part in fun activities like baking, dancing or organizing pool parties. In addition, players can give Barbie and her friends fashionable clothes for commemorative photos. Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures is a fun game for kids featuring clever and up close Barbie characters.

In Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures you control your Barbie in fun activities and design her dream house. When Barbie moves into a new house, let her decorate the room with colorful wallpaper and decorations. Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures is a game where Barbie meets cool friends and attends a dinner party with a unique eye-catching outfit.

How to play Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures?
Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures is a mobile simulation game. In the game, players complete the adventure missions through continuous challenges. As long as players have more skills, they can complete the game. The game will challenge and allow players to get more unique items in the game.

In the game, players need to master more skills to get unique items as long as players are able to level up. Players can also change different costumes. As long as the player has enough gold coins, he can buy different costumes. Remember to choose different ways of playing as long as you master the skills to complete more challenges.

In Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures, players need to master more skills to get promoted. You must be better at breaking levels. This is the only way you can get more rewards in the game. There are also different levels of difficulty in the game. As long as you master the skills, you're free to let off steam.

Help me to decorate every room with wonderful wallpaper and dazzling decorations. Make it your own dream home! Ready, set, style!

Meet my best friends: Barbie "Brooklyn" Roberts, Renee, a sports fanatic; Daisy, a talented DJ; Teresa, a science lover; Nikki, an aspiring fashion designer and the one and only Ken. Also my fun loving sisters: Skipper, Stacie and Chelsea! Even my parents, Mr. and Mrs. Roberts, join the adventure!

Why don't you come with me to my amazing kitchen? There are so many delicious recipes to try! Start baking with Skipper and post your delicious recipes on BarbieGram for all to see! Mmm... Are those cupcakes I smell?!

Do you have any fashion tips? There are so many outfits to choose from! Dress up in nice clothes or dress up in super comfy pyjamas, there's an outfit for everyone. Ask Nikki for fashion tips for the coolest outfit!

Get ready for a makeover! There is a hair salon in the dream house and you can create tons of different hairstyles! Spend a girls makeover day with Teresa and check out all the cool accessories to add to your new look!

Break out the pink convertible and check out the Malibu Nail Spa! Bring Renee and make it a girls day! Create your own nail design with so many colors, patterns and stickers to choose from!

OMG! Malibu Beach is finally open! Diving, swimming, barbecuing, lounging or building a sandcastle? You can do anything! Even the puppies can go to the beach! Ride the waves of Malibu with Chelsea and Stacie and decide who is the ultimate surfing champion in an amazing mini-game. You can also relax by the Dreamhouse pool while Ken throws one of his legendary pool parties!

You're cordially invited to a special event in Malibu: A Royal Ball at Floravian Castle! Princess-ready my friends and sisters with royal hairstyles and dresses to become the queen of the prom!

* Help me decorate every room with beautiful wallpaper and dazzling decorations.
* Meet my best friends: Renee, a sports fanatic
* Why don't you go to my great kitchen with me? There are so many delicious recipes to cook with!
* Do you have any fashion tips? There are so many outfits to choose from!
* Decorate the dream house as you like.
* Meet all of Barbie's best and closest friends!
* Get on the fashion scene. Dress up and try on many outfits.
* Make poses and take selfies with friends.
* Enjoy pool parties and summer fun.
* Enjoy many delicious foods.

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