Assoluto Racing v2.14.13 MOD (Unlimited Money) APK

Assoluto Racing v2.14.13 MOD (Unlimited Money) APK

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Infinity Vector Ltd

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Descriptions :

Assoluto Racing is a wonderful racing project with beautiful graphics and very well adjusted physics. Various real sports cars, varied tracks, detailed locations and scenery, comfortable controls, multiple modes and much more will delight fans of the genre and everyone who just wants to drive at high speed.


All you have to do is race and win. Skills are a must if you want to be the best. To move a vehicle, the player must tilt their device left or right to move the vehicle left or right. If you don't want this, you can customize a steering wheel right on the screen to steer your car as you like. If you want to accelerate the car, press the button on the right side of the screen to accelerate. Once the car reaches top speed, press the brake on the left side of the screen each time to drift. The game is not too difficult to learn, playing the game is easy, but mastering the skills is very difficult. To be a good player, control skills are a necessary requirement. Pay close attention to overcoming opponents in turns after the drift phase.

To compete with many other games of the same genre, Assoluto Racing: Real Grip Racing & Drifting must have the outstanding features

The Law of Physics Although this is a game where the game usually has some points that break the laws of physics. But this game has a gameplay system that respects many required physical characteristics. Say no to random flying around. All just racing on a real street with the tough rules. This has increased the authenticity of the game for the player.

vehicle system

The cars in the game are all manufacturers inspired by reality to use them. The cars are from famous manufacturers from the car maker village like BMW, Honda... Players can choose their own to participate in the race. Not stopping at this level, players can also build their own cars, such as: B. Change paint layers, tires...Upgrading is also an indispensable point in racing games. Players can upgrade elements such as engines... so that their vehicles can be optimized and achieve high speeds on the track. This will be a crucial factor in the player's victory.

online race

Players must race using a self-control system so players can also race against other players around the world. Each PvP match up to 8 people. Each PvP race will be much harder than normal races. To carefully improve your skills before entering a PvP race


Equipped with a layer of realistic 3D graphics. The images in the game are not the same as the games of the same genre. Built to be as realistic as possible from gameplay to graphics. You won't feel like playing a racing game, instead you'll feel like you're in the cockpit when you first look at the game. Take control of the steering wheel yourself on different roads. The racing maps also vary from the busy city to the pristine forests. Players can freely immerse themselves in the beauty of the scene in the game.


The game's action is carefully polished to increase the authenticity of the game. The tracks on the road with every drift, smoke emission while drifting... It all looks more like a racing movie than a game. The in-game sound is discussed to simulate the really tough races. The effects of the engine growl, the sound of tires rubbing the road. Extremely perfect. Assoluto Racing (MOD, Easy Win) players will have a truly authentic experience downloading the game. The game has gathered all the essential elements that a racing game needs. You won't regret spending the space to download the game on your computer. Come on, download Assoluto Racing to immerse yourself in the fierce racing. Immediately feel the breathtaking excitement that the game brings with it.

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