Art Puzzle jigsaw art games v3.14.0 MOD (Tips) APK

Art Puzzle jigsaw art games v3.14.0 MOD (Tips) APK

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Art Puzzle MOD : Live Jigsaw Coloring Games (MOD, Unlimited Hints) - Android version of such a popular game as Coloring, and the digital version has a number of useful, convenient and functional features that are not available in the original paper version. And so, in general, the mechanics remain in the classic style, your task is to fill all the squares with different colors while trying to keep the overall picture, but Art Puzzle mod apk offers you a wide range of different options, including yours own pictures and photos and a wide arsenal of tools, filters and effects allow to give the picture a unique look.


In Art Puzzle, players are treated to seeing art paintings displayed right in the great art treasures. These paintings are paintings created by potential artists and put on display for all of us to admire. What is even more interesting is that you also have a passion for art and want to learn many valuable things. The game allows you to stay true to your art and show your strengths.

The game provides you with a basic set of sketches and you are now assigned the task. Your task now is to select the photos that you want to colorize or that have been preselected by the game. Colors ranging from deep to brilliant tones are accessible, as are unusual color combinations that we experience for the first time. Your artwork will be remarkable when using this palette.


Each image will have its own highlights that only those with keen eyes can immediately appreciate. We must try to find an interesting choice of colors, but not everyone will find them. If you have trouble, choose the right to find the highlight for guidance. In this place you need to prepare unique colors to express these impressions of the picture.

Besides coloring tasks, the game will also guide you to more attractive tasks. Players will continue assembling art pictures by arranging and arranging puzzle pieces in different positions. There is no limit to pairing, but distributing them to create accents is also a process. Sometimes there are unexpected parts that you don't know where you have the right to help. Art Puzzle gives you practical help; It assigns you specific puzzles that you can choose right away.


After creating paintings that show a complete convergence of artistic elements, you are also free to put them up for auction. The images you create will be displayed in different exhibition areas so that they are known to all. Sometimes you have paintings that pay high prices, which is also your source of motivation. Conquer the puzzle pieces and create artistic pictures.

Through here, Art Puzzle makes us eyes with artistic images. What is even more interesting is that the players are talented artists who can overcome any difficulties. Depending on the needs of the game, players will improvise to meet each of these challenges. You also have the opportunity to take part in great competitions to discover your true talent.

Features :

* Quiet picture games with a totally unique gaming experience.
* A perfect amalgamation of two popular genres - art painting and joke-puzzle.
* Solve free puzzles, complete daily challenges and get unique trophies.
* Participate in seasonal events, enjoy challenging puzzle games and get unique animated postcards.
* Anti-stress puzzles with mesmerizing hand-drawn art content by different artists, each with their own original style and technique.
* Stunning visuals that come to life as you solve this calming puzzle.
* Helpful hints to help you when you get stuck solving picture puzzles.


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